Denise Winton - from nurse to consultant - helping people use colour

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March 2018 News


As an experienced nurse, you might think that becoming a personal stylist is a little incongruent, but Denise Winton, consultant for the Glasgow area, sees it as a natural progression from helping people medically to helping her clients build their self-esteem and to look and feel good. 

“My desire to make people feel the best they could was the same when I was a nurse, as it is now as a House of Colour personal stylist.  Seeing the positive change in anyone who have had their colours analysed is magical. It is as if lights have been switched on inside them. I love the confidence and feeling of wellbeing it instills - just with the right colours, no pills or potions. I have always loved making people feel better - what more could you want from a job?”

Denise was pregnant when she had her own colours analysed and returned to work in Glasgow in the Nurse Teaching Department of Royal Hospital for Sick Children, wearing make-up and clothes which she had been told suited her. “I felt my lips were on stalks as my Spring coral lipstick seemed very bright, but some of my colleagues looked up from their books and literally did a double take, everyone started complimenting me on how well I looked and started talking about how I was blooming in pregnancy. I realized how amazing and powerful colour analysis is and have never had a day without my lipstick since!

“I love my job because it is so varied. I have many connections in the corporate market and over the years I have helped with branding and business presentation skills for different disciplines from stockbrokers to drug reps.  I love working with brides and their wedding parties, and with my medical background, I have been invited to talk to groups such as Breast Cancer Care, Renal Dialysis patients, or any group where self-esteem may be an issue.  Teaching my clients colours and style means I can help them develop their own look and to stand out for all the right reasons. I love meeting new people every day, learning what makes them tick and hopefully making their life better with a little bit of colour and style.”

One of Denise’s clients, Jackie Milligan an Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner from Ayrshire, says: “Having my colours done meant I discovered the colours that really suit me, especially my reds and I now wear the right make up especially lipstick.  Talking to Denise about style has given me permission to avoid stiff formal clothing for formal occasions and shown me how to wear clothes that make me look and feel great, and are really me.”

Denise Winton, consultant for Glasgow