How to de-stress your wedding plans

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May 2017 News


Your wedding day…  one of the most joyful days of your life. But the run-up can be less than joyful. There’s just so much to think about: the venue, the guest list, food and drink, flowers, make-up, a massive choice of wedding dresses...

Maria is going through all this now. At 51, she’s getting married for the first time this summer. Here’s her story so far…  

The wedding dress… How to find it during your lunch hour

Thanks to a colour analysis class, Maria already knows her seasonal colour, Summer.  A follow-up style class revealed her clothing personality, a Romantic Classic. This knowledge didn’t just save her lots of stress, it also saved hours of time when choosing her wedding dress.   

 “It was so easy. I knew the colour and shape I was going for – cool white, classically tailored, nothing too flouncy or frilly. So I just went along the rail and said `yes, yes, yes, no, no’. Once you know your colours and clothing personality you can be really decisive.”

Within an hour Maria had found the perfect wedding dress.  It was a sheath dress, long and fairly straight, crepe silk with a sweetheart neckline.

I tried it on and it was just… wow that’s lovely! And that was it. Job done. It was in my lunch hour, and if I hadn’t had my colours and style done I would have been there for hours.”

Should you shop with friends?

This may sound counterintuitive, but probably not.  Friends obviously have the best intentions, but they can unconsciously sway the decision in favour of their own styles and colours.

In the event, Maria’s best friend was unwell and she made the decision on her own. But because she was clear about what suited her, this took the stress away. And besides, they got together for the fun bit later…

 “I went back later with my best friend for a `champagne reveal’. It was brilliant! They put me behind a curtain wearing the dress, and gave us both a glass of champagne. When they pulled the curtain back, my friend cried because the dress was so beautiful.”  

The bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are your co-stars.  They’re as visible as you are, so it’s important that they’re comfortable. Maria has already found bridesmaids’ dresses for her two teenaged daughters.  The youngest is a Summer and her older daughter is a Winter. With different seasonal palettes, how will their sky blue off-the-shoulder skater dresses work on both? Maria had a great solution:

“I’ve decided to dye my older daughter’s dress a brighter, bolder blue. The trend for bridesmaids is to have the same colour  and any dress they like, but I thought `Well OK, I’m going to turn this on its head – same dress, slightly different colours’.”

Dying dresses within a colour palette is a great idea. It gives you a consistent colour theme and your bridesmaids will look and feel gorgeous in the individual shades that work best. 

Make-up… and the lipstick kissing problem

Great make-up is crucial on your wedding day and it makes for beautiful photographs.  Maria’s House of Colour stylist is giving her lots of practical tips, including a make-up `practice run’ before the big day.  

You’ll probably be wearing more make-up than usual, lipstick in particular, so try wearing it regularly beforehand to get comfortable with it. Also, you won’t want lipstick all over your partner’s face so do check out our new `kiss-proof’ Liquid Matte lipstick range.

If you want to save time, money and stress, why not try out House of Colour’s wedding service? It isn’t just about your wedding dress. We can also give you a steer on hairstyling and make-up, your groom’s outfit and bridesmaids’ dresses – plus some great tips on colour themes for invitations, flowers, even the wedding cake.