How to wear this season's colour trends

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February 2018 News


With the new season nearly upon us, it's a great time to think about how you are going to get your wardrobe into shape and what to look out for and buy when the shops start filling up with the latest colours.  

So which colours are going to be in the shops this season?  

Knowing which colours to look out for is half the battle, knowing how to get the right combination of colours so that you can wear them stylishly however, can be a bit tricky.  You don't want to disappear into a sea of neutrals, but equally going out dressed too much like a parrot will detract from the impression you wish to make.

Contact your consultant for your latest season specific colour guide.

Here's what to do:



Start with your neutrals, they form the structure to your wardrobe - make sure you have all the ones you need to take you where you need to go. For example a pair of jeans in the navy from your colour palette, a flattering pair of trousers, a great skirt that hits you in all the right places and a smart versatile jacket that goes with all of them could make a great start.  

Your neutrals are really useful because they go with your whole colour palette. However, wearing just your neutrals together all the time will not make the most of all the colours in your colour palette and you will end up blending into the crowd.


So, now you need your basic colours. These are for example the blues, greens and yellows from your colour palette. Check which ones you already have against your colour wallet - anything missing? These colours are great for adding splashes of colour and versatility to your wardrobe because they go with all your colours too. Tops and knitwear in these colours combined with your great neutrals will always look fabulous.

Points of red

What about the rest of your palette? Your other shades of reds, pinks, corals and rusts dependant on your season. Some of these colours clash with each other so you need to be a bit more careful when combining them but remember some of your "Wow" colours will have come from this part of your palette and will add excitement to your look. Again, check what you have in these colours against your colour wallet. A great way to wear them confidently is to anchor them with your neutrals. For example a red from your palette will always be great with any of your neutrals. These colours are also the majority of your lipstick colours and are a great way to add a pop of colour to all of your looks.

Prints and patterns

Think about your prints and patterns. A floral or geometric print that tastefully mixes your colours will look fabulous when combined with other items and accessories in a colour already included within the design. Add an extra colour and you might be heading for that parrot territory with a little too much dazzle. Alternatively make any colours you add to your outfit one of your neutrals to keep the look grounded and chic. As you go through your wardrobe, make note of any items or colours you are missing - these will form the basis of your next shopping trip.


How your consultant can help

If you want to be clearer about your colours and how to combine them successfully then the following classes will help you:

If you have not had your colours done or know someone who could do with this the colour analysis class is definitely your first step.

If you have your colours done some time ago or feel you need a reminder then a colour re-rate is the class for you.

If you have had your colours done and are comfortable with your colours but would like some expert advice on how to take colour further then advanced colour is the class for you. In this class we look at your best colour combinations and find the best lipsticks to go with them.

Your consultant can also help you with sorting your wardrobe for the coming season and take you shopping to update your look.

Guest blog by Lynn Ainsley consultant for Watford - 01923 211 188- visit Lynn's web page for more information.