Colour and style analysis: Is it really for me?

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April 2017 News

Colour analysis clients in their wow colours

Are you fed up with seeing really young, size zero models on the catwalk? It’s hardly surprising that we feel a bit side-lined by fashion. Those of us with real-sized bodies (and the odd wrinkle or two) are often left feeling that our faces and bodies just don’t fit. 

As stylists, we feel it too. We all have our off days.  But that’s why colour and style classes are so brilliant. They start with you.   Your body shape, your colouring and your personality.

You are who you are.  We celebrate that, and we help you to dress it.

Colour analysis won’t work with my skin tone

It’s a subject that comes up a lot. Does colour analysis work on all skin tones? Well yes. Here’s why…

Your seasonal palette isn’t just based on the skin’s overtones – the upper layer that people see. It’s mostly down to the colour of the fat cells beneath your skin. All of us, regardless of skin colour, will have either slightly yellow (warm) or slightly blue (cool) undertones. We’ll look clear-eyed and radiant in the right colours – or unwell and far less attractive in the wrong colours.

There’s obviously no such thing as a typical skin tone. It’s as individual as you are.  When you come in for colour analysis, we’ll use precision-dyed drapes to determine which colours work for you. They go under your chin, right next to your face, so you’ll see the difference immediately. And some of those colours will be a complete revelation…

But I’m the wrong shape!

There’s no such thing. Our bodies change as we go through life. It’s natural. That’s why our style classes look at what’s beneath – your body’s fundamental architecture and your individual personality. After just one day, you’ll have the confidence to buy clothes that flatter and celebrate your shape – your shape, wherever you are in life.

Like colour, style can be a complete revelation too. Watch Margaret’s story and Maud's story.

… and I’m too old

We don’t like it when women begin to feel invisible, Don’t worry, we’re not going to start on the `life begins’ clichés. Instead, if this is ringing bells with you, check out our blog Do our colours change as we age? And do read Fyona’s story. You’ll feel better and most of all, inspired!

In short, everything we do at House of Colour is for individuals - from our make-up to our style classes. No matter who you are, we’ll help you dress it.