Pantone Colour of 2019: Living Coral

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Pantone Colour of 2019 Living Coral

Since 1999, each year, having researched trends in beauty and fashion, also patterns of buying and wearing, the Pantone Institute chooses and names a specific hue for the year. Reasons given for the current choice are ‘partly as an antidote’ to the ‘cold and distant’ digital world and as ‘a shade of connection.’ A sign of the times is the suggestion that coral will also look good on social media! Leatrice Eiseman of Pantone introduces this ‘life affirming coral hue with golden undertones that energizes and enlivens’ ‘a shade of connection’ both ‘optimistic and intimate’.

Coral’s associations certainly are with warmth; the coral strands and sun-kissed lands of the Coral Triangle including Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. I was interested to discover that the first use of coral as a colour name was in 1513 and for inspiration do check out the wonderful 1546 portrait of Elizabeth 1 (who wore many warm reds, oranges and pinks well) where her dress shows coral in its full glory.
But enough of history. Let’s move up to date and get the bad news out of the way!

Whilst 2018 Ultraviolet worked for all skin tones, Living Coral like 2017 Greenery is NOT flattering for cool skin tones. (The exceptions are certain Summers if their Coral Red is rated well). However don’t despair, look out for blue based equivalents ranging from Winter’s Shocking Pink, Magenta and Scarlet to Summer’s softer Rose or Rose Madder. Wear a pattern with a splash of coral or celebrate the warmth with coffee in a Pantone 16 -1546 coloured mug.

Springs and Autumns do first shop in your own closet before refreshing your wardrobes with variants of coral which range from soft peach thru perfect coral to orange reds. Check the precise rating in your colour booklet to see if you can go the whole hog, or maybe go for just a top or summer trousers. Perhaps a scarf, belt or handbag will work. As an Autumn I have a pair of coral suede shoes ready to step out when the weather warms up. Coral works well with all warm neutrals including the current 1970’s inspired browns, the Dulux colour of the year Spiced Honey, navy blue, greys, coffee, beiges, khaki or dark olive. Alternatively if the event or your Clothing Personality demands a more show -stopping look then go for it. Colour block to your heart’s content!

Springs and Autumns could invest in House of Colour lip gloss Coral LG72 or a lipstick from our selection of 8 Corals: 174 Coral the brightest, or 709 Soft Smooth Coral the softest. (Use your client code at the web shop checkout for discounted prices)

Pantone’s choice of the name Living Coral is a laudable attempt to draw attention to society’s effect on the natural environment. Clothes production and disposal affects carbon emissions, water use and pollution. 30% of the clothes in British wardrobes are rarely worn. Many randomly chosen lipsticks languish in the make-up bag.

Guided by our Colour wallet and individualised booklet we can choose well so waste is reduced. Colour Analysis helps us look and feel good but most importantly makes perfect ecological sense. What wonderful knowledge to have and what a fabulous Christmas gift to give!

Guest blog by Fiona Ingham consultant for Borough of Camden/Chalk Farm/Hampstead - 020 77221984- visit Fiona's web page for more information