Why can't everyone wear black?

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December 2017 News


Black is for Winters… but look what we’ve found for Springs, Summers and Autumns:

Sometimes people worry that having their colours done means they have to throw out all their old clothes.  When you see a House of Colour consultant, you’ll realise that’s not how we roll.  We’ll never tell you what to wear. What we love is watching the delight on your face when you discover the colours of your season – and see for yourself how many there are and what a difference they make. (And if you haven’t had your colours done yet, read on.  We’ve got a real treat in store.)

We’re going to show you right now what we mean, using the colour black. Black’s an interesting one. It’s the darling of the High Street, particularly at the moment, with little black numbers all over the place.   But it only really works  for people who are Winters.  And  that is the exciting bit!  It means Springs, Summers and Autumns have their own fabulous versions of black.

What are they?                                                       

Well, see for yourself.

Have a look at Ali in this photo (right). Ali is a Spring and is in black on the left and in her Spring colours on the right

Can you see the difference? There's a natural vibrancy to Ali on the right, which seems to be missing in the photo on the left.  

That's the thing with black. Scientifically speaking, it absorbs all the light that comes at it. Which means it can drain all the colour from your face - unless you are a Winter of course.

Now have a look at Maria (left), who is an Autumn.

When you look at the second photo, can you see how the colours illuminate Maria's face and of course they tone with her Autumn colour drapes. 

The black takes over, doesn't it? Luring your gaze away from all those other gorgeous colours - the ones that give Maria a healthy glow and make her look fabulous.  

So if you're not a Winter and you wear, say, black trousers, people will be drawn to look down at the heavier colour and away from your face. And that's a shame, because your face is you - and we want your audience to see just how great you look.

Discover your gorgeous version of black

The good news is that every season has some wonderful deep neutrals - their version of black. They'll lift all the other colours in your palette, making them look elegant and expensive: 

If you are a Summer, you'll look fantastic in French Navy, Smoked Grape or Rose Brown.

Chocolate and Bright Navy work brilliantly for Springs

Autumns are spoilt for choice with Dark Brown, Dark Olive, Warm Navy and Deep Bronze.

Winters have other options too, like Charcoal, Indigo and Navy.

Of course people who are Winters like Holly (right) can look great in black.


Make-up:  your finishing touch

If you are are not a winter but black is an essential and permanent lifestyle aspect of your wardrobe, make-up is another brilliant way to express the colours of your season. It's even more important then that your make-up is perfect for your natural colouring.

Hannah (left) showing the difference that perfect make-up in your seasonal pallette will make.