Bring more wow to your outfits with our Wallet-Wardrobe Colour Test

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June 2018 News


Here’s a quick and easy thing you can do to get a range of new outfits for the summer, without breaking the bank.  We call it the Wallet-Wardrobe Test. Open your House of Colour wallet (yes, that wallet!) and run your eye over the 36 colours of your palette.  Then look at the clothes in your cupboard and chest of drawers. Are there colours in your wallet that are missing from your wardrobe? Ones that you rarely, or never, buy? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! It’s comforting  to go with what you know, and keep combining the same neutrals with the same double star shades.  But imagine if you put a few more colours from your palette in the mix.  For the price of a scarf or a T-shirt, you could come up with even more wow outfits for your wardrobe.

Here are five ways to take a fresh look at your season and look stunning this summer:

  • shop around. Browse the high street to see which colours are big this summer. Hint: red is one and yellow is still popular from last spring. Our Colour Trend reports will help you to spot which versions of these colours work for your season. If they include ones you’ve not worn before, now’s the time to try them out, and bring your wardrobe bang up to date. Contact your local consultant to find out which colour trend report is for you!

  • mix it up. Do you ever experiment with different colour combinations? Try taking each of your tops and putting them up against your trousers and skirts.  You’ll find you’re matching colours you’ve never put together before and some of the results will be stunning. (We love doing this with you in our Advanced Colour sessions, where we rate you in different colour combinations rather than blocks of colour. Mixing and matching in this way is like discovering your palette all over again and you’ll create whole new outfits from nothing.) See Karin below.

A wow colour combination on Karin on the left really comes alive when we see it in real clothes on her on the right

  • pick your pattern. If you want to try out a new colour, why not wear it as part of a pattern? If you’ve done your Style Class already, you’ll know which types of designs work for you, like florals or graphics.  And our Advanced Style session will show you whether you should go for patterns with high contrast or softer ones, which blend different tones together. Contact your local consultant to book a session.

  • be brilliantly bright. Some clothing personalities adore the vibrant parts of their palette. If you’re less sure, why not ease yourself in with a pop of colour? Look out for patterns which have bright flecks in them or buy a vibrant camisole, which you can wear under a shirt or jacket. You won’t feel overwhelmed and that dash of colour will bring zing to your whole outfit. 

  • refresh your rating. Although you keep your season for life, the rating of the colours in your season can shift over time. That’s why we love to see you for a colour re-rate every 5 to 7 years. We can make sure all those handy stars and ticks are in the right places and you’ll see your palette in a new way, re-discovering colours you might have overlooked in the past.  

Contact your local consultant today and make the most out of your palette. Have fun!

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