Choose The Perfect Foundation: The Smooth Way

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July 2017 News

Whether you are young and are still enjoying a flawless complexion, or time and life have begun to etch signs of ageing into your face, your foundation is the essential tool to smooth things over.

Various myths deter women from wearing foundation but you miss so much if you haven’t yet found your perfect one. Some people believe that foundation will feel heavy on their skin but with the right product you won’t even feel it, or indeed see it. Our Oil-based Foundations are perfect for those who haven’t yet been brave enough to take the plunge.

Their really light, dewy texture will never feel heavy or caked. Others have been put off by observing women with a dark mask of foundation that has a definite tide line at the jaw. Often these women have been attempting to make themselves appear healthy and tanned but the truth is that it is very ageing. Exactly matching your foundation to your skin tone is key. Your Consultant will always do this for you, in natural daylight, at your Colour Class.

Jewel Winter/Blue Spring Foundation for a Blue Spring:

Helen (below) has chosen Light Porcelain oil-based foundation, applied with a barely damp sponge, (right of picture) to cover the dark circles around her eyes and the broken veins on her cheeks and nose. Her lipstick is No 30 Geranium Pink.


Foundation for a Jewel Winter:

Carlie’s young skin (below) is given a flawless matte finish (right of picture), smoothing out any blemishes with Dual Foundation Compact No 32 applied with a Kabuki brush. Her lip gloss is No 56 Plum.


It’s also a bonus to have the time to see if the product reacts with the chemicals in your skin and changes colour when applied. Finding the perfect foundation is a wonderful surprise for so many of our clients. Some women believe that using foundation will clog up their pores and cause skin problems. Actually the reverse is true! The foundation will protect your skin from pollution and the ageing rays of the sun. Even our water-based foundation range, which offers greater coverage and a matte finish, will not clog your pores.

Some people think that foundation accentuates any fine facial lines. Again, a light application of the right foundation in the right colour actually smoothes everything out. House of Colour also offers BB Creams which are ideal for very young skins or for when you are on holiday in the sun. These offer very light coverage but all the protection of a foundation.

We’ve extended our range to include mineral-based Dual Foundation Compacts. These are perfect for those who like a soft, matte glow and can be applied with the handy integral sponge or a deliciously soft Kabuki brush, for those ‘powdering your nose’ moments during a busy day! Whichever product you choose, your foundation is designed to smooth out your skin tone and give you a glowing complexion. Under the lightest covering, fine lines, broken veins and other blemishes fade away.

We always recommend that you apply your foundation with a barely damp sponge. Squeeze until damp and then squeeze again in a tissue. This ensures the right amount of coverage and is also very economical. A dry sponge absorbs foundation, wasting it. If it’s too wet you’ll wash half of the foundation off and will have to apply more.

Dual Foundation Compact: (£27.50 RRP Client Price)

This high-quality, mineral-based, oil-free and water resistant powder foundation provides excellent coverage. Apply with a dry or damp sponge for a dewy finish or with a Kabuki brush for a smooth, matte finish. May be used as a finishing powder to provide a long-lasting, velvet finish. The matte-black, mirrored compact contains an aerated section for storing the sponge, which is included.

 Nude 28

Everyone will benefit from our amazing Revelation Primer.  Smoothed on before your foundation it drastically reduces the appearance of fine lines and feels amazing!  It ensures your make up stays put beautifully, all day long! This product compares extremely favourably with the best on the market and at the amazing price of £29.00 RRP(client price) for 30ml is a real bargain.