Look and feel amazing in your casual wardrobe

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April 2018 News


We hope you had a fantastic Easter. Maybe you wore something special – that lovely top or necklace you got for your birthday, perhaps?  

It’s funny, isn’t it? We often feel fine about spending money on an outfit for  special occasions, like birthdays or weddings. Once that day is over, we put the outfit back and save it for the next milestone. Weeks and months pass, and it stays unworn in the cupboard.

Then we hesitate about spending more on a pair of jeans or a fleece, even though we’ll wear them much more often.  They’re just for mucking around in, right?

Well… what if you could make every day feel like a special day, even if you’re ‘just’ playing around in a sandpit? The answer is, you can. And you don’t have to spend a fortune or hours in front of the mirror to do it.

Here are five very quick tips on how you can look, and feel, amazing in your casual clothes – without waiting a year for the next special occasion: keep reading


1) Add a pop of colour

You don’t have to wear your best colours from top to toe. It can be as easy as grabbing a scarf or bag in one of your ‘wow’ shades.  A splash of colour like Nicola (right), against one of your neutrals, will transform your whole look in seconds and make you feel wonderful.

2) Show off an accessory

It’s easy to think that necklaces, earrings and bracelets are just for formal occasions. But actually a statement piece of jewellery will make all the difference like Denise (left). You only need one item and, like that scarf or bag, you can put it on in moments.


3) Treasure your lipstick 

A lipstick in one of your shades is a time and money saver. It just takes a minute to apply and will make your eyes sparkle, so you look as if you’ve done your eyes as well. And if lipstick feels a bit too much for the school gates, how about a softer lip gloss? It will still make you look vibrant without seeming as if you have tried.


4) Treat your wardrobe to a mini-makeover, effortlessly

No time to flip through fashion magazines?  No worries. Your consultant can give you a personalised Fashion Update. When you’re next out shopping, you’ll save hours  because you’ll know exactly which trends work for you. Your new jeans might have embroidery like Claire (right) and your T-shirt an asymmetric hem – little details that update your wardrobe instantly.


5)  Discover what ‘casual’ means for you

Of course, embroidery might not be your thing. And that’s where your Style, or Advanced Style really save you time and money. Everyone’s level of ‘casual’ is different. Have a look at our consultant Judi (left):

She’s in casual clothes in both photos, but as a Romantic Classic, the white T-shirt makes her feel, and look, underdressed. It isn’t really her. But the wrap- over dress and necklace suit her perfectly.

What about you? Do you know what suits you perfectly? Book your Style Class now – and discover how colours and style will make you look, and feel great, wherever you are.  We’d love to be there when you do.