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November 2018 News


Want a great day at work? Take this capsule!


Ever find yourself rummaging in your cupboard looking for that shirt to go with your skirt? It’s your favourite because it makes you feel so confident when you walk into the office. But it’s 8.05. You’re running behind and you should reply to the email pinging on your phone… But you can’t go to work without that shirt, so you keep rummaging…

Frantically looking for what to wear is never a great start to the day. That’s where your capsule wardrobe comes to the rescue.


A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of your essential items, carefully chosen to create the maximum number of outfits. Done right, it covers every occasion, saves you money and puts you back in control!


This is how you do it in three simple steps:

• Think about what’s in your diary in the coming months, at work and outside it. Job interview? Important meeting? Family get-together? Then think about the clothes that will make you feel wonderful at all these events. Every pair of trousers, dress, shirt and skirt has to earn its place in your capsule wardrobe.


• Colour is next. Knowing which colours work for you makes all the difference. Once you’ve discovered your season at your Colour Analysis session, you only need a few shades to create an impressive number of outfits. For the office, you can use your best neutrals for more expensive things like suits. Add a splash of colour with your capsule scarf or necklace, so you look seriously professional and you stand out. Then change your look by switching accessories, rather than suits. You’re saving money already.


 • The next step is to discover your style. Then you’ll know which patterns, cuts, textures and accessories suit your personality and lifestyle. So you’ll be sure that everything in your capsule wardrobe works with everything else. In fact, the fewer the clothes, the more creative you’ll be, mixing and matching to come up with unexpectedly stunning outfits. Plus you’ll save on storage space and, with your cupboard clearer, you’ll soon spot which pieces are your favourites – the ones you pull out again and again. That’s handy because when you come to replace them, you’ll be able to spend a bit more, knowing you’ll be wearing them a lot.

Which brings us to saving money and the planet. We know from our clients that lots of us fall into the 80:20 trap: only wearing a fifth of our clothes 80% of the time. This leaves us feeling guilty, our cupboards cluttered and landfill sites stuffed with unwanted clothes. But with a capsule wardrobe based on your colour and style, you won’t waste money on the wrong things ever again. And you’ll be doing the planet a favour in the process.


Contact your local consultant today to book your Style class and see what a difference it makes to your mornings and your bank balance. If you’ve done Style already, and are wondering what wonderful outfits are waiting to reveal themselves in your cupboard, book a wardrobe review today with your local consultant.


For the guys

Your Capsule Wardrobe saves you masses of time. Once you’ve worked out what you really need and which items should retire (you know, shirts with frayed cuffs and collars…) you’ll just focus on filling those gaps when you next go clothes shopping. And it makes getting up and out the door so easy, because you don’t have to think about what goes with what. Everything in your capsule goes with everything else. Contact your local consultant if you need any guidance.