Why a Gift voucher is a great idea

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October 2020 News

gift voucher

“She doesn’t want anything she has to dust.”

“I want to get her something she will use and love every day.”

“I don’t want to get him another boring blue jumper again!”

Do any of those sound familiar?

How about these?

“I want her see for herself how lovely she really is…”

“If only she had the confidence to wear something other than black…”

“He/She needs to be more visible at work; to have their hard work recognised and to have more presence in those Zoom calls…”

We all want the best for our loved ones; we all want to give them a gift they will enjoy receiving and treasure possessing. We want to give them a gift that will last, but not one which will ever become clutter.

Some people are good at gifts. A friend of mine makes notes all year round: when a birthday or Christmas comes around, he comes up with something you had forgotten you wanted, but which is perfect.

Most of us are just not that organised.

This is where a House of Colour Gift Voucher comes to the rescue. A consultation with one of our experts will provide knowledge that can be used every single day, life-long. It will give confidence and will inspire your loved one to dress to their best advantage so they look instantly, almost magically, more attractive, and their inner qualities can be more clearly seen. It makes clothes shopping easier and cheaper; it will save thousands of pounds over a lifetime. And, it gives the people around them the information they need to buy more appropriate gifts in the future.

You can buy a gift voucher for a specific type of consultation: a Colour Analysis, or a Personal Style Development Course or Make Up Tutorial; or you can buy a voucher for a given amount (you choose), so the recipient can spend it with their chosen consultant as they please. This can be particularly useful when people already have the information they need but have lost their way a little.

A gift voucher can be used for all the House of Colour services, not just consultations; it can be used to buy that perfect lipstick trio from your consultant (sadly, not in our online shop), or on a shopping trip, or a wardrobe edit; it is almost infinitely flexible. Most of our services can be delivered remotely – Colour Analysis excepted) so, whatever the Covid restrictions, you can be sure they will be used. What’s more, they are valid until Christmas 2021.

To buy that perfect gift, just click here. We’ve made it easy for you – you can choose a specific consultation type, or an amount. The voucher comes straight to you so you can wrap it just how you wish and place it under the tree whenever you want.

This year, you can give the gift of confidence – how wonderful is that?

And it’s something they’ll never have to dust!

Blog by Mary Blackhurst Hill 
Huntingdon/East Bedfordshire
07933 732317