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March 2016 News


I was given the envelope and inside were the flight tickets and a printout featuring the most gorgeous boutique hotel in a converted castle in Catalonia. Each room was superbly decorated in an exotic and individual style, the pool was sparkling and secluded, the courtyard overlooking the olive groves was awaiting my breakfast order in the shade or my cocktail order as the sun went down. The menus were breathtaking with a wine list to match. It was my idea of heaven! A luxurious, long weekend with the man of my dreams. Yes - he is my husband and No - he is not usually given to grand romantic gestures so this was a huge surprise. The other thing that was frankly a shock was that we were flying that evening!

Of course the first thing I began to panic about was what to pack!  For many of us the packing can take longer than the holiday and often starts a week or even two before we leave. Actually it was not the nightmare I know it could be for many women. I have learnt the skill of being able to fit everything I need for a 2 week holiday or business trip into a small carry on case. It works because all my clothes, shoes and accessories belong together, and so comfortably mix and match. That's because they all work on me.

Having had my Colours and Personal Style Analysed I understand my body shape, my personality and how that relates to my clothes and my natural colouring. Everything I buy I love and because the colours I have in my wardrobe all come from the same palette they all work together.

So a couple of hours later I had the bag packed and we drove to the airport, and yes I was starry-eyed at my husband's surprise. And oh, yes! We did have a perfect break - without any stress from the wardrobe!

Image Consultants have suffered from an outdated image themselves, stuck in the '80s or in suits, as much of society has become more and more casual, but the services of thoroughly trained experts prove this misconception is just that. Imagine being able to pack confidently for such a trip knowing you would look and feel wonderful throughout. It's liberating!

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