Refresh Your Make-Up For Spring/Summer 2015

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August 2015 News

Refresh your Make-Up for Spring/Summer 2015

With spring almost upon us, now is a great time to update your make-up look with this season's new colour trends.

Cool Look for Summers and Winters

Eyes, lips and nails are the focus of a bold spring/summer look that utilises berry tones such as pinks, purples and reds for impact.

Keep skin matte with a Dual Compact Foundation applied with a Kabuki Brush.

Blusher in soft pink shades such as B36 Cyclamen or B51 Soft Fuchsia will give you a rosy complexion.

Be bold with rich shades of berry for your lips such as L50 Soft Burgundy Rose, L718 Berry, L28 Cherry or L54 Damson.

For the eyes pretty shades of pink and purple are blended over the eye socket and under the eye for an ethereal effect, try ES64 Heather, ES154 Muted Mauve or ES211 Pink Shimmer.

Why not add eyeliner with a classic flick at the end with our Liquid Eyeliner Pens for a retro finish? Enjoy.



Warm Look for Autumns and Springs

For the freshest of spring/summer looks, intense clementine orange tones, warm apricots and earthy shades of bronze are key for lips and cheeks this season.

For a fresh, dewy finish to your skin use our BB Cream; the perfect combination of a moisturiser, primer and foundation.

For cheeks use blusher swept across for a sun kissed glow. Try B8 Soft Peach for a natural look or B12 Bright Peach for a brighter finish.

Peachy or Orange tones for your lips liven up your look with creamy or shimmery textures. Try L709 Smooth Soft Coral, L22 Salmon Shimmer, L660 Shimmering Peach or L621 Soft Amber. For a brighter option choose L174 Coral.

Use a similar colour palette for your eye look and sweep your chosen colour across the eye socket and gently blend for a subtle look. ES421 Apricot, ES167 Peach Shimmer, ES43 Pale Tangerine or ES50 Bronze are great shades for you to try.