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October 2019 Press release


With the new season nearly upon us, it's a great time to start getting your wardrobe into shape by looking at which colours are on trend for the coming months. Remember, however, to have a look at what you already have in these colours to make the most of your exisiting wardrobe. Download your free colour trend report here

Knowing which are the latest colours is only half the battle. Knowing how to get the right combination of colours so that you can wear them stylishly, can be tricky and this can also change as trends come and go.

Why not book a colour analysis class and discover the spectrum of colours that suit your natural complexion. Then you know for certain which on trend colours suit you best.

In the meantime, read on for some great, on trend tips for wearing colours

What are "WOW" colours?

In a colour analysis class your consultant will show you colours that make you say 'wow' when you see yourself wearing them. They are the colours that illuminate your skin and bring out your eyes. You can wear them as a single block of colour head to toe and are a great place to start for coats, suits and dresses. You can also use these colours to start trying this season's trends.

Colour trend 1 - colour pops

Adding pops of colour to your outfit is an easy way to start wearing bright colours. Pops of colour are small amounts, usually accessories or patterns, that add another colour and more interest to your look. Start with neutrals and add a colour pop with accessories.

Colour trend 2 - colour toning

Colour toning is another trend you can try. This is where you combine similar tones of one colour that blend from one to another. Mixing different materials and textures will add interest to this trend.

Colour trend 3 - prints and patterns

This is such an easy way to combine colours in your outfits since it has essentially already been done for you. When adding extra items to your outfit, try to choose them in a colour that is already included in the pattern or in a neutral so not to overdo the colour dazzle!

Get your season specific colour trend report from your local consultant by clicking here. Or alternatively if you are not yet a client click here for your free colour report.