Will you say “I do” to your best colours and style?

Posted by: Michaela Sargeant, June 30, 2024

Recently, a client visited the studio who is getting married next year.  Part of the reason she booked her Colour Analysis Session was because there were questions she wanted answered - arguably most importantly, she had just started dress shopping!  

With colour analysis, each seasonal palette has its own ‘version’ of every colour.  It’s not like when you’re an Autumn you can’t wear blue, or when you’re a Summer you can’t wear purple - it doesn’t work like that.  Every palette has a type of every colour (the only exception being black which only appears only in Winter).  And with whites it works like this:

Spring - Cream/Ivory
Summer - Off/Cotton White
Autumn - Oyster/Champagne
Winter - Pure White


Will you say “I do” to your best colours and style?

It’s primarily the shade and tone of the particular colour that makes the difference.  Is it warm or cool, is it muted/blended or clear and bright?  These difference can hugely impact the way a colour will make you look.  The right shade and tone will make you look more youthful, healthy, radiant, glowing, it will define and clarify your features, harmonise with your natural colouring and just work work work!  

We discovered that my bride-to-be client was a Spring, and the best colour for her dress is cream or ivory, rather than pure white which is commonly thought of as the default.  As it happens, the cream dress she had recently tried on at the shop was the one that everyone thought looked the best!  This is the colour that will do all the above and come out the best in pictures too.

Will you say “I do” to your best colours and style?

Can you see, the Spring (warm) white in this picture is SO much better than the Winter (cool) white?  The warm clarifies and defines the features; the cool dulls down and distorts them.  The warm brings a beautiful radiant glow to the face, like a lightbulb has been turned on - it puts her in the spotlight; the cool drains colour from the face.  The warm brings out the eyes and gives them more focus and shine; the cool doesn't highlight them at all.  The warm makes the face three-dimensional and it stands out; the cool flattens the face.  The warm compliments and enhances the natural skin tone; the cool fights against it.  

A wedding is a big life event that we invest a lot of time, energy, resources, headspace and money, into.  There’s so many elements to think about.  Most of us are familiar with the way it works - first you get the big stuff booked, the venue, photographer, videographer, florist, you figure out who’s going to make the cake.  You’ve asked your bridesmaids and groomsmen and worked out the type of thing they’re wearing.  When all that is in place and you’ve had your initial consultations, there tends to be a bit of a lull - then around 3/4 months before the day, things start ramping up again and this time it’s all the details to think about and make final decisions on.  It’s SO fun, but it’s also time consuming and not without its stresses.  Obviously you want everything to be perfect, and that adds to the pressure.  

Studies have found that 70% of engaged couples or newlyweds described the process of planning a wedding as “extremely stressful”, and identified the top 5 emotions while planning a wedding to be:


If you’ve been married, you’ll have felt most if not all of these emotions along the way!  Having people that you trust around you to provide that support network, or just that person on the end of the phone you can have a rant at, makes everything easier to handle.  Those people who are for you, who want the best for you and want more than anything for your experience of the wedding to be everything wish for it to be.  These are also the people who can tell you straight if something isn’t working, if it’s not ‘you’, to help filter through all the decisions.

The reality is there are things that are going to work better than others, there are things that will co-ordinate better together that maybe you hadn’t thought about before, and there are choices that will serve to bring out the authenticity of you and your spouse-to-be so your special day can be memorable and truly have that ‘you’ stamp on it.  This includes the type of venue, venue decoration, wedding dress, flower colour and style, bridesmaids dresses, suits, theme colours, honeymoon wardrobe - everything that makes a wedding what it is.  This even extends to the content of the ceremony.

These are photos you’re going to be looking back on for the rest of your life - it makes logical sense to be confident that they are going to depict the very best of you in all your uniqueness and radiance!  

Will you say “I do” to your best colours and style?

Here’s where Colour and Style Analysis comes into its own.  With Colour Analysis you can find out your optimal seasonal palette and ALL the colours that will make everything look its most beautiful, including the best options for make-up which is obviously a massive consideration for the day.  With Style Analysis you can find out what style is most authentic to you, it helps you discover more about yourself and express who you are on the inside on the outside.  With these tools under your belt you will be equipped to make all the best choices for your day, with absolute conviction and confidence!

Having this knowledge makes decision making so much easier, with more direction and focus and knowing they are the right ones that best reflect the most authentic version of you and result in a day that looks and feels everything you connect with most deeply.

Will you say “I do” to your best colours and style?

My bespoke bridal services can be tailored to you and your budget (another very important facet to be taken into consideration).  Whether it’s a Colour and Style Package for the bride, an engagement treat for both parties, a girly trip for all the bridesmaids, something special with a parent or family member, or whether you want the whole wedding party clued up so they can all do their loud and proud thing!  I also offer personal shopping if you’d like some help searching for a dress, suits or anything else, or you might want to consult about venue styles or flowers.

A Colour and Style Package also makes an AMAZING engagement gift, one which might not have come to mind first off, but one which might just turn into the best present your loved ones could ever have received.  

I’m always happy to chat so please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or phone - 07825 569563.