What to Wear to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: A Style Guide for Every Era

Posted by: House of Colour, June 24, 2024

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is a celebration of her musical journey, with each era representing a distinct vibe and aesthetic. Attending one of her concerts is not just about enjoying the music, but also embracing the styles that complement her diverse discography. Here’s a guide, written by Sandy Lancaster, to help you decide what to wear to make the most of this extraordinary experience.

Know YOUR Era

Taylor’s music spans several distinct eras, each with its own unique style:

Debut Era (Taylor Swift): Think country chic with sundresses, cowboy boots, and natural, minimalistic makeup.

Fearless Era: Embrace sparkly dresses, metallic accents, and playful, curly hairstyles.

Speak Now Era: Opt for romantic, fairytale-inspired looks with flowy dresses, lace, and pastel colours.

Red Era: Bold and edgy, with a mix of vintage-inspired pieces, red lipstick, and stylish hats.

1989 Era: Embrace the 80s pop aesthetic with crop tops, high-waisted skirts, and vibrant neon colours.

Reputation Era: Dark and dramatic, with lots of black, metallics, and edgy, statement pieces.

Lover Era: Soft, dreamy, and whimsical with pastel colours, hearts, and floral patterns.

Folklore and Evermore Eras: Think cottagecore with cosy knitwear, earthy tones, and vintage-inspired dresses.

Midnights Era: Glamorous, with a touch of mystery, featuring elegant dresses and dark, moody colours.

What to Wear to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: A Style Guide for Every Era

Consider your Venue and Weather

Given the unpredictable UK weather, layering is essential. Bring a stylish jacket or cardigan that complements your outfit. If the concert is outdoors, consider practical footwear that is both stylish and comfortable for standing and dancing. Don’t forget a raincoat or a poncho in case of rain!

Accessorise Thoughtfully

Accessories can make or break your outfit.

Jewellery: Choose pieces that compliment your outfit without overpowering it. If you’re going for a bold outfit, opt for subtle jewellery and vice versa.

Bags: A small crossbody bag or a stylish backpack will keep your hands free for dancing and holding your phone for all those memorable photos.

Headwear: Hats, headbands, or hair accessories can add a fun touch to your look, especially if they tie in with your chosen era.

What to Wear to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: A Style Guide for Every Era

Remember, the best outfit is one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to add your personal touch, whether it’s a piece of jewellery with sentimental value, a unique hair colour, or a DIY-ed shirt with your favourite Swifty lyrics.

Attending Taylor’s Eras Tour is a magical experience that allows you to step into the different worlds she has created through her music. By understanding the themes of each era, utilising your best colours, considering practicalities, and adding your personal flair, you can create an outfit that is both stylish and true to yourself. So, get ready to sing your heart out and make unforgettable memories in a look that’s uniquely yours

Image Credit: Getty Images, John Shearer,  Kevin Mazur, Octavio Jones, TAS23