Unlocking Confidence: The Science Behind Lipstick and the Art of Finding Your Perfect Shade

Posted by: House of Colour, February 12, 2024

Unlocking Confidence: The Science Behind Lipstick and the Art of Finding Your Perfect Shade

In the colourful realm of beauty and self-expression, lipstick stands as a bold emblem of confidence, empowerment, and individuality. Countless studies highlight the intriguing link between lipstick and perceptions of competence and attractiveness. Research even suggests that wearing lipstick enhances the way people process the information you convey, elevating the impact of your words. 

It's no wonder why lipstick remains a steadfast companion to our beloved celebrities, from Rihanna's appearance at the 2023 Super Bowl to Taylor Swift's recent sighting at the Chiefs games and at the weekend's Super Bowl! 

But here's the challenge: finding the perfect shades for you can be a daunting task. Which shade of red suits you best: Rihanna's cool, blue-red or Taylor's warm one? Enter the art and science of colour analysis! 

By identifying your undertones and revealing your seasonal colour palette, we simplify the process of selecting your ideal lip colours. Ever experienced a lipstick that was fabulous with one outfit but clashed with another? Let's demystify that! The concept of three points of red elucidates the need for harmony within your seasonal colour palette. 
The concept of three points of red explains the harmony needed even within your seasonal colour palette. For example, if you're rocking a red dress this V-Day, opting for a red lip instead of a pink one ensures a cohesive look, helping you steer clear of colour clashes which can distract from the star of the show- YOU!

Your style profile also plays a pivotal role in discovering lip colours that exude confidence. Those who fall in our Dramatic style profiles, for example, may prefer the bold lip colour our liquid matte lipsticks provide while those who fall into our Natural profiles may feel more themselves in one of our sheer, more neutral glosses. When your stylist knows both your colour palette and style profile, your guide to finding the perfect lip cocktail that makes you exude confidence becomes even easier and more customised. 

As you gear up for this year's day of love, bid farewell to wasted time and money on makeup products that don't make you feel authentic! Let us help you simplify and elevate your makeup routine, always keeping in mind – you're the main attraction, and your lipstick should simply complement your radiance.

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