The Season for Occasions

Posted by: Maria Macklin, May 24, 2023

Occasion dressing offers a diverse reflection of not only the trends but the wearer’s personality too. It’s the spell of allure and beauty turned up full notch. Whether you’re in a bridal party, a parent, god parent, relation or friend, you’ll be more comfortable in a style which not only suits your body architecture but also reflects your personality. 

Don’t feel bound by tradition.  A jumpsuit or a chic trouser-suit can work well. A co-ord of separates is also an option particularly for those who are post-partum or for wheel chair users. The communication zone or cameo area (from the chest up) is noticed first and is a great place to add the details from sparkle to colour to statement jewellery. 

This season is all about sheer fabrics, cut-out details and hyper texture like feathers, sequins and fringe. Ensure that added details are enhancing who you are and are in a place that makes you feel comfortable. Embracing bold colours, cut-outs and unique textures is a great way to keep your look fresh. 

Read on for some more tips.

Consider the Type of Occasion

Not all events are equal. If you’re going to a religious ceremony, dress respectfully. A jacket or wrap can be worn in the church. Wear something that you have worn before, even at home, so you know you can move in it, sit in it and dance in it. It’s hard to enjoy any occasion when you’re not comfortable. Fidgeting and fighting with your clothes can take the glamour away and will distract you. 

Consider the Weather and the Environment

Remember that in Ireland the weather doesn’t always do what we’d love it to do. Bring a brolly, something warm for the evening, wear appropriate footwear. 

Dress Code

If there you’re given a day dress code, do stick to it – there’s nothing worse than standing out ‘for all the wrong reasons’. 

There is Colour Everywhere 

With dopamine dressing continuing its reign on the runways this season we’ve seen ruling reds, sunshine yellows, popping pinks, powerful purples. You were born to stand out – not to blend in. The rainbow is your oyster. If you decide to wear neutral colours, add a pop of colour in shoes, accessories and bag. 


Footwear punctuates your outfit. Don't allow your footwear to fall by the wayside. Wear shoes that you find comfortable and never wear them for the first time to an event where you might be standing around for hours or will be walking and dancing. There is so much to choose from. If you are more comfortable in flats, find some that are fun, colourful or sparkly to give your footwear a voice. 


Wearing something vintage can help avoid the problem of looking like everyone else. Just be sure it fits well and is in your colour and style.

Don’t Leave your Outfit Search to the last Minute

Nailing the outfit generally requires some preparation. Whether you’re renting, borrowing or buying, you should always try on your outfit to ensure it fits. Or order online well in advance so you can try on at  home. Give yourself enough time (and budget) for tailoring adjustments if needed.

Pay Attention to Accessories and Outerwear

Get the balance right. When your outfit is heavily embellished then perhaps keep your jewellery and shoes more low-key. When your outfit is plainer use your accessories to make a statement, keeping the scale in line with your physicality. Your skin tone determines whether you look richer in a cool white metal or a warm yellow metal. Mixing fresh dynamic colours with stunning jewellery can redefine an otherwise simple and chic outfit. Choose a bag which not only adds to your outfit but can hold your ‘phone and make-up necessities. 

It would be a terrible shame to distract from your fabulous outfit by wearing a low-key trench or puffer coat. Consider investing in a great light coat or jacket which you can re-wear again and again. 

Once you have all that sorted, you’ll be ready to enjoy your day!