The Role of Colour and Style in Business according to a HOC Stylist

Posted by: House of Colour, November 28, 2023

We recently spoke to Sandy Lancaster about an event she spoke at to demonstate how colour and style can elevate your personal and professional brand. Read on to find out what Sandy had to say... 

As a Colour Analyst and Personal Stylist specialising in professional and personal image, my days revolve around helping individuals shape their outward presentation and bolster their inner confidence. It's a journey towards discovering inner empowerment and self-assurance.

Recently, I had the privilege of presenting to a group of dynamic businesswomen, showcasing how colour and clothing choices can significantly influence our professional presence. I was invited to speak by Antoinette Dale Henderson, TedX Speaker and writer of the books "Leading with Gravitas" and "Power Up". Antoinette runs courses on public speaking and how to add gravitas to your work presence. She is also a Fellow of Professional Speaking.

On the day, my intentional choice of a purple suit for this presentation wasn't just about style - it was a calculated statement. Purple's historical association with regal power adds depth to its significance, making it a potent symbol for the discussion I aimed to lead.

The core focus revolved around leveraging our personal style to communicate authority, gravitas, and impact in the business realm. It's not merely about what we wear. It's about how our attire shapes perceptions and contributes to our professional narrative.
We delved into the impact of colours on psychology and branding. Each colour and style choice carries its own message. For instance, purple signals power and authority, a message valuable in establishing one's leadership stance.

The crux of the discussion? Dress for the role you seek in a way that is true to you and still shows your personality. Our appearance directly influences how we're perceived in professional settings. Whether it's the boldness of red exuding confidence or the trust associated with calming blues, understanding this visual language is crucial to projecting a cohesive and compelling personal brand.

Our session aimed to decode the nuances of clothing choices for business success. It's about utilising colours and clothing strategically to exude confidence, mirror professionalism, and align with career aspirations. By harnessing these tools effectively, individuals can assert their credibility and carve a distinct professional identity.

And it's not confined to the workplace. Our appearance spills over into our personal lives, too. Being seen, being visible - these are essential aspects of our presence in all facets of life. A cohesive personal brand doesn’t end when the workday does. How we present ourselves influences our interactions, from networking events to social gatherings.

So, for those keen on maximising their personal brand impact through style choices, I invite you to explore the practicality of colour psychology and wardrobe strategy. Let's explore the visual language of your clothing choices, align it with your career goals, and empower you to exude a commanding presence in any business or personal environment.
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