Say I do to a pre-wedding consultation

Posted by: House of Colour, May 11, 2023

Say I do to a pre-wedding consultation

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. It is, after all, a day that you'll remember forever. And that is why House of Colour offer a personalised Bridal Service.

We can offer colour analysis, personal styling, and makeup advice (and the products) as well as accompany you when choosing your wedding outfit, whether that be a suit, jumpsuit or dress.

We don't just cater to the bride and groom either. The services extend to the wedding party, including the bridesmaids and parents of the nearly weds.

Knowing your colours and clothing personality will not only mean your wedding look is the right colour for you but can be applied to the rest of your big day, so everything from the bouquet to the venue decorations harmonises.

Our Image Consultant, Rachel Corlett, who is based in the Isle of Man, had her Colour and Style Analysis before she became engaged. So when it came to choosing her "wedding white" and a dress, she benefited greatly from knowing her colours and clothing personality. Read on to find out more... 

Say I do to a pre-wedding consultation

What made you decide to get a Colour and Style Analysis with House of Colour before your wedding?

I was lucky enough to have had my Colour and Style Analysis before I got engaged after attending an introduction evening. What this did mean, was that my husband knew that yellow gold was my best metal and a simple Classic engagement ring would work best for me. He made the perfect choice!

Were you happy with the Perfect White for You from your season?

I’m a Spring, so Cream is my perfect white. During my colour analysis, my consultant showed me the different “white” alternatives for me for a possible special occasion. This helped me understand that cream was my highest-rating white alternative. I absolutely loved the colour of my dress and felt amazing in it.

How did your Style Analysis help when choosing your wedding dress?

I think understanding the perfect shapes, cuts and details I needed for my personal style was priceless. I knew before going dress shopping that I needed simplicity. I knew anything with a large, full skirt, and lots of frills or ruffles would not work, so I didn’t try them on. Knowing cream was my white was useful, but understanding my style really made a difference.

Different fabrics reflect different undertones in certain lighting. Did knowing your Perfect White and style help you decide what fabric to choose?

Knowing my style definitely helped me decide. I didn’t like satin dresses or anything with a bit of shine. My dress had a lace overlay which added interest but without too much glamour.

Say I do to a pre-wedding consultation

Despite knowing your Clothing Personality, were you tempted to sway away from it and go with something that wasn’t 100% your CP? 

As stunning as the more glamorous dresses were, I knew they wouldn’t work for me. I was definitely spoilt having the luxury of some time knowing my high Classic CP before I went dress shopping. I had made style mistakes between my colour and style appointments which really helped me realise what wouldn’t work for me. 

Your sister, who was your bridesmaid, knew her colours, did that make things difficult if the other bridesmaids didn’t know theirs?

The Classic in me wanted to keep things simple, so I only had my sister as a bridesmaid and a close friend’s 3-year-old daughter as a flower girl. My sister is also a Spring, so I knew that the colour of her dress would complement mine beautifully. We decided our flower girl would wear a cream dress with a ribbon in the same colour as my sister’s dress, so worked around it that way.

You and your sister knew your colours,  but your husband-to-be didn’t. How did this work with regards to picking your overall colour scheme? 

My hubby-to-be and I decided that we wanted the men to wear traditional Manx kilts, which are a wonderful blue colour with purple, yellow and white in the design. The bright Spring blue we chose for bridesmaid dresses, and men’s cravats and the spring flowers we had worked perfectly with the colours in the kilts. 

Having benefited from a Colour and Style Analysis before your wedding, what would you say to other brides looking to do the same?

I would say do it! It took so much pressure off. It helped me pick a colour scheme, flowers and when in the year to get married. It also helped with my makeup! I used only House of Colour products, which meant that everything was the perfect shade for me.