Rainbows in your wardrobe

Posted by: Judi Prue, November 16, 2019


THE DAY IT ALL BEGAN......Do you ever sometimes feel invisible to those around you; be it family, friends or work colleagues,

For me it was right after I went on a career break. One day I'm a manager in a busy Press & PR office in a fast paced central Govenment location..... the next thing, I'm at home, in sick stained black and shapeless clothes. My uniform is whatever I can grab as the baby wakes up crying or I can throw on while she sleeps.

No one notices me. To be honest I didn't even notice myself..... or I didn't want to!

I felt lost, vunerable, isolated, dreary and above all I didn't know how to change any of it.

It may sound a bit pathetic but it was real and I know lots of women at different stages of life who feel exactly the same..........

FAST forward 12 years and it's a whole new picture. Let me explain.

I'm carrying more weight than back then, but my inner confidence knows no bounds..... one man recently referred to me as extrovert! I nearly fell off my chair! ME?

With my new injection of confidence came an appreciation of who I was..... mum, wife, cook, cleaner, dog walker.... the usual BUT..... I found my new identity. I could dress for it, own it, even LOVE it.....

WHAT HAPPENED I hear you ask? It was a sort of light bulb moment I often use to hear people talk about!

It started at a children birthday party. A school mum friend was standing across the garden (it was a summer party), the sun was streaming, the sky was blue, there was children's laughter and the busy hum of mums chatting .......

My friend almost took my breath away as she caught my eye. She was simply dressed in a linen shirt dress, and simple but colourful detailing of turquoise beads at her neck, a beautiful red cross body bag and simple but stunning summer wedge heels.

She just looked amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off her. But it wasn't just the way she dressed that had changed - she looked more confident, happy like she's been away on holiday for a month and come back totally refreshed!

That was it I had to know what she had done. "I've had my colours & style done" she said. "I been on a personal shopping trip. It was the best money I've ever spent", she added. Her enthusiam about this experience was infectious.

"They drape you in different colours to see what works with your skin tone and hair & eye colour", my friend said. "Its absoloutly fascinating. The style session taught me how to dress for my body shape and personality. I'm a full natural....It was worth every penny ", she went on.........

Intrigued at this epitomie of colour, style & confidence before me the very next day I booked myself on to my colour journey with Helen from House of Colour.

It was to be a truely life changing process that has helped me to unlock my potential and regain my identity. My confidence has soared - in fact just recently someone referred to me as being an extrovert. Me! This was never me but undertstanding how to dress in colours and styles that suit my colouring and body shape (and it is a curvy one), has made more difference to me emotionally (and financially) than I could ever have imagined.

So overwhelmed by the whole process and the need to share it with others I trained to become a House of Colour consultant and eventually bought my own franchise area.

Being colour anlaysed or having a personal style experience is simply a process. Thr greatest part of the process is what it does to you inside and that is what blows me away.

I'm a much more confident person secure in who I am. I never realised that clothes - things we have to wear everyday could have that effect.

I'm a much more authentic person. I hate wearing trainers, leggings and casual clothes. Give me a diamante necklace and a bright red lipstck and I'll happily dog walk in it. I don't apologise for who I am.

Did you know that it takes just 3 seconds for someone to form an opinion of you when you meet for the first time? You've probably judged someone yourself? Did you also know that 75% of that first impression will be based on what you are wearing?

Crazy I know but its true. Don't let someone misjudge you. Learning to dress for you will leave people you meet wondering 'How do they do that', the way I did with my school mum friend.

Six years on from buying my business I have seen and helped hundreds of clients 'unlock their potential', whatever thier roles in life. Getting your first post colour compliement is like the cat getting the cream!

If I had a penny for every time I get stopped in a supermarket, in a coffee shop or just out and about and told 'I love your colours'....... I'd be a very rich lady!

So if you're stuck in a rut and feeling lost. If you want to boost your confidence, get that promotion or job interview. If you just want to learn to be a more authentic you, invest in you with colour analysis & personal styling....... You won't look back.

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Keep colourful, keep stylish, be confident.

Judi x

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