Our guide to dressing for the festive season

Posted by: House of Colour, December 12, 2023

Our guide to dressing for the festive season

The mulled wine is flowing and the decorations are up, although this festive season might be bringing with it some sartorial dilemmas, especially for those with a diary full of parties and gatherings. 

A novelty jumper might suffice for the family get-together, but maybe not for the office party. So here is our guide on what to wear for every celebration!

Of course, our first tip is to wear what suits you, not someone else. Your body architecture and style personality are key, but dressing for your shape is also all in the detail. We all suit different hemlines, necklines, silhouette lengths, lapels and sleeves, fabrics, patterns and details, so think about your style words! Why not use your Clothing Personality Insert Card when browsing through your wardrobe or even shopping our Festive Catalogue?

Haven't discovered your clothing personality with a style analysis yet? There's no better time than now to find out your unique style profile so you can go into the festive period and beyond knowing how to embrace your one-of-a-kindness!

Our second tip is to wear your WOW colours! Those that suit you 100%, head to toe, your showstoppers! Although Winters have black in your palette, think about forgoing a little black dress for something bright and cool like Electric Blue or Emerald Green. Springs opt for warm, clear hues; think Turquoise or Geranium Red for a standout glamorous look. Kingfisher and Chestnut are particularly stunning for the party season for Autumns who need rich, warm, earthy colours. Whilst Summer palettes will ooze party spirit in silver and serene burgundy. 

The Office Party

Our guide to dressing for the festive season

It can be a minefield to know what to wear to a corporate event where you are supposed to stay on the right side of professionalism whilst still enjoying the party spirit. Think about which colours look amazing when worn close to your face and then use others in harmony or in contrast depending on your natural colouring. Think about your materials too; velvets are great at exuding a luxurious look with minimal effort or choose embellished details in high-shine satins and cosy cashmere jumpers. Metallics and sequins are BIG this season; for warm skin tones, opt for golds and for cool skin tones go for silver. HOC Tip: Remember to always try and buy sequins sustainably. Try second hand sites, rental platforms or charity shops! 

Our expert Image Consultant Jane Brook advises that “the Dramatics amongst us can rock leather and statement accessories, whilst Classics need to stick with quality like a luxurious velvet blazer.  Naturals can lean into the casual look by adding some Christmas pizzazz to your denim staples with a supersoft blouse - preferably non-iron! Gamines bring the party vibes with them, so get into the fun zone with a Christmas jumper (the crazier, the better) maybe some tinsel as an accessory."

She continues, “Ingenues can sparkle with delicate sequins, perhaps some twinkly jewellery, and can enjoy the tulle trend this season. And all you Romantics will be in your element, blinging it up in sequins, fur, feathers and velvet. The more glam the better for you!”

The Family Party

Our guide to dressing for the festive season

This can be the occasion that is the trickiest of all to dress for. Do you go full-on glamour or opt for something more low-key? Is it the right time to wear our Christmas jumper a la Bridget Jones style?
This is where luxurious separates and creating colour combinations from your colour book can come in handy. Think a tweed skirt with ankle boots and a cosy knit topped off with a headband for the ladies or a smart pair of tapered trousers, brogues and a printed shirt for the men. Or why not try a metallic jacquard mini-dress with heels?
HOC stylist Jane explains that “added touches for this occasion can show who you are!” Meaning Dramatics need to honour their drama (maybe some mismatched earrings or a statement ring). Classics can keep it simple and elegant (a beautiful bracelet that accentuates your wrists). Naturals can opt for minimalism (try a pashmina for that fabulous swoosh), whilst Gamines need all the fun (quirky earrings or Christmas jumpers). Ingenues can elevate any outfit with a headband and Romantics can stay gorgeous with a sparkly necklace.

The New Year Party

Our guide to dressing for the festive season

“New Year - so many expectations for the BIG night,” Jane exclaims. “Again, dress this your way! For me, NYE is new pyjamas (obvs in a fab colour!), a snuggly blanket and a family film night. But style is so personal, so understanding what works for you actually makes it super simple and I love simplicity.”

She goes on to explain that Dramatics will want to make a statement – “show 2024 who is boss and make an entrance” – so think spiky heels, metallic minis and asymmetric tops. She recommends Classics “Find the dress code and follow it" - so if in doubt, go for a red silky shirt with tailored trousers and simple yet beautiful accessories. Naturals will want comfort all the way, meaning texture is a must. How about a red velvet suit from our Festive Catalogue? Gamines can bounce into 2024, with Jane recommending bright red trousers and a graphic tee. Ingenues, however, will want to bring in some small-scale texture on a lacy red dress and Romantics can ooze glamour, curve and drape!

And of course, a fabulous red lipstick finishes every look off! Jane recommends warm tones try Geranium Red (L606) and our new lip gloss, Champagne Shimmer (LG94), on top. Cool tones, on the other hand, will want to go for Cherry (L28) which is great with a slick of Silver Shimmer (LG95).

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