My stress free guide to travelling in style

Posted by: Fiona Keeble, July 20, 2022

My stress free guide to travelling in style



It’s summer and the packing season is upon us. Whether it’s 10 kilos of hand luggage or 23+ of hold luggage, hands up if you always take too much with you. As Brits we’re great at packing for every eventuality, but’s let face it if we are heading to warmer climes unless it’s tropical, we are unlikely to need wellies, a raincoat, or the kitchen sink for that matter. The excitement of the holiday, is often dampened by the stresses of packing, sometimes not only for ourselves nut for the whole family. Do you struggle with the largest suitcase you can find having paid a fortune to take it ( Sometimes more than the flight itself) or do you try and squeeze your entire wardrobe into the smallest suitcase . Whichever it is chances are your will bring things home you haven't worn! So let me help you. You have more important things to think about: which restaurants to visit or which books to read by the pool, so here are my top tips on how to travel light and in style.


Get the most outfits from the smallest number of clothes. It's easy really but somehow when we go on holiday we add the "just in case items" which probably fill half of the suitcase. (If you know your colours and style, this is effortless, because everything you pack goes with everything else.) First put all the clothes you’d love to take with you on your bed. Then, take a deep breath. You probably only need a fraction of what you have infront of you and although you know it deep down your just can't bring yourself to remove anything, You've got it "just in case" Think about what you’ll be doing – walking? lounging? eating out? – then use this list as your guide: Separates are great because you can mix them about to make different outfits, dresses are fab but you can only change your look with Accessories so if you are someone who doesn’t want to be seen in the same outfit twice this is something to bear in mind.

Think about what you are going to be doing with your time. If you intend to be lazing by a pool or on a beach all day, you probably only need a limited number of other day clothes. For evening wear think of tops that you can dress up for an evening and then wear with a pair of shorts or skirt in the daytime later in the holiday making it dual purpose.

How many evening outfits do you need? If you arrive late and your holiday is for a week you may only need 6 evening outfits. Think about how many ways you can wear your tops, so you have some flexibility. Are you going to be eating in a Hotel Restaurant every night or sampling different restaurants if you’re in a villa and eating in some evenings you may not need two or three "going out " outfits!

Below is a great guide to the items to take for a week! Just remember if you’re going for two you don’t need to triple it!

  • 3 pairs of trousers, (maybe, include a pair of shorts, if you are a shorts person) include trousers that can be dressed up or down. Think neutrals as well you can add colour with tops and accessories.
  • 2 skirts, which look good with heels or flats. If you don’t wear trousers balance this out with more dresses and skirts
  • Tops of different weights, which can be layered if the weather is changeable. Cardigans and pashminas are great for evenings that turn a little cooler
  • 2 dresses ideally patterned. Patterns don’t show creases or sweat marks as much as plain material.



Jewellery, belts, scarves, sunglasses, hats, and bags are all winners. They don’t take up much room and just one item can make a top look so much different. They can give you that pop of colour it you are wearing neutrals . Try bracelets and necklaces ( Glowbeds and Bjewelled are affiliates who porduce great seasonal jewellery)  Sunglasses will also bring flair to any outfit, especially if you’ve got the right shape and colour for you. 



When it comes to shoes, I always think of the words of one of my lovely clients who says you only need two pairs of shoes for a holiday! There may be cries of “never”, but it is worth stopping to think about, how many pairs do you need realistically, one pair of evening and one pair of day is her philosophy, I might add a pair of pool flipflops and a pair of sneakers to that.





If you’ve done your Colour class, you’ll know your three points of red. From burgundy, cool red and bright pink for Winters; rose, cherry and plum for Summers; rust, coral and warm red for Autumns and Springs can choose from warm red, coral, or warm pink. When you travel, try taking just one point of red with you. It instantly condenses all the choices you make, including which lipstick to wear. It may even help with your Jewellery. Just contact me if you want a reminder on your points of red.

Which brings us to your…



A waterproof mascara, an eyeliner or eye palette and that lipstick. Last but not least, maybe leave your foundation at home and try enhancing your skin with a bronzer (£21.65) or our new sleek illuminator: (£23.90) sweep it over your cheekbones or collarbones and you’ll look wonderful.

To cool off you might like to try the new House of Colour Vitamin setting mist, (£18.00) it’s great for setting your makeup, particularly in a hot environment but great to have in your pool bag with your lipsticks for a quick refreshing cool off!



Now all you have to do is roll your clothes into three sausages. The first is for tops and dresses, one inside the other, with the most crushable fabrics on the outside. Trousers and skirts go in the second sausage and everything else goes in the third. Fill the gaps with your underwear and swimwear.

Finally, just to talk toiletries, if you are travelling with cabin baggage only and toiletries are causing you an issue, a great tip I picked up a few weeks ago is take no toiletries with you at all, place an order at Boots for click and collect in their air side store. You'll still need your House Of Colour Makeup of course .This way it doesn’t cause you a problem through security and it doesn’t take up space in your case! I just checked Boots website and it does appear to work!!

Have a great trip!