New Years Intentions..

Posted by: Michaela Sargeant, January 04, 2024

I don't really like calling them New Years Resolutions - I much prefer New Years Intentions!  I've started NYRs in the past only to find myself flitting away from them around February time - and I know I'm not the only one!  I feel like there's too much pressure around them, whereas the word "intentions" feels much more holistic and realistic! 

The start of a new year is a great opportunity for change - improvement - potential.  Your thoughts may have wandered across to your personal presentation and how you show up to the world, and a big part of this is to do with colour and style.  There is SO much to receiving proper advice and guidance about your colour and style and it’s impossible for me to get it all down here, but I wanted to start the year with a few hints and tips which might provoke some thought and provide a helping hand in your quest for 2024! 

New Years Intentions..
  • Prune your wardrobe by removing all the things you never wear because they don’t fit properly or are the wrong colour or style.  You’ll probably find that you end up having more outfit combinations from the remaining clothes than you realised!  It’s great to see that space having been cleared and containing only the items that you know you’ll wear


  • Embrace the colours that really suit you.  Knowing the seasonal palette of colours that works with the natural pigmentation of your skin could mean you go from looking tired and drained to healthy and radiant!


  • If you intend to be more organised, you could plan outfits ahead for work and any upcoming occasions.  Some clients plan their work outfits for the week ahead and choose the one they feel like wearing on the day - this saves so much time and energy each morning   
New Years Intentions..
  • Confidence is absolutely the best accessory you can have.  It is a powerful tool at your fingertips that can work wonders when truly unlocked.  You can show off your best assets which boosts confidence provided what you are wearing is appropriate for the occasion


  • Psychological research about colour has shown that we feel different emotions with different colours.  The neutral and balancing colours for your season - whether that be your season’s white, greys, blues or browns - can have a calming effect.  You can combine neutral colours with comforting textures like satin, suede or cashmere (if it suits your style) for a tranquil and luxurious effect.  This is a great way to achieve a minimalist look that carries impact


  • We all have a natural desire to progress and that can extend to our clothing choices as much as anything else.  Don’t be afraid to try different shapes and experiment with different fabrics and textures to find what you feel most yourself in.  If you try something on and it feels wrong then it is wrong - even though you might not yet understand the reasons why
New Years Intentions..
  • Do a make-up cull and get rid of all those products that are just hanging around or have gone out of date - get your year off to a fresh start with a fresh palette of make-up.  Make-up is a crucial part of our look and how we self care and it’s worth investing in.  Try a different shade of lipstick..or just start wearing lipstick!  The right shade of lipstick clarifies facial features and enhances focus on the eyes so it’s a really powerful communication tool



  • Don’t wear restricting fabrics.  Squeezing your body into tight clothes won’t make you look or feel good - no matter how much you might want to fit into those jeans!  There is a big difference between fitted and tight clothes, and loose or baggy clothes.  Don’t try and make your body something that it is naturally not and enjoy the way you have been uniquely designed!
New Years Intentions..
  • Treat yourself to something as a special investment that you know you will get amazing cost per wear from.  That handbag, those boots, that jacket or a gorgeous piece of jewellery.  I’m not saying splurge for no reason, I’m saying it’s ok to look after yourself and part of looking after yourself is investing in items in your best colours and in your style so that you can show up to the world being the most authentically you

If you’d like any more information about finding your best colours and style, please feel free to get in touch for a chat.  There are so many ways that knowing your colours and style will benefit you and my view is that everyone should be able to utilise this knowledge.  It always surprises me how many people still don’t know about colour and style analysis so if you are a client then please don’t stop advocating!

I hope you have an amazing 2024 and that you continue on the lifelong journey of knowing yourself better, and feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin, in just the perfect way you were designed x