Make new mum life easy with colour analysis

Posted by: House of Colour, March 11, 2023

Make new mum life easy with colour analysis

The early days as a new parent can often be an intense crash course making getting dressed far down the list. There are thousands of articles full of tips and tricks on how to dress as a new mum and it can feel overwhelming. You can feel as lost as your little one’s sock in the wash or their favourite toy at bedtime. 

During this new stage of life, you might have to be clever with your clothing to work around breastfeeding or those messy playground excursions, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself in baggy clothing. Your comfies can still make you feel like you when you know your WOW colours.

And that’s where a colour analysis with House of Colour can help…

Everyone has an optimal colour palette based on the unique undertones of the skin and knowing these can unlock the ease of not only getting dressed every morning, but the fun it can come with. Our Image Consultants are expertly trained in our 35+-year-old analysis process based on science rather than trends or what we think looks right.

Ellie, 31, from Bristol who works for a Housing Association had her colours and style analysis done before having her gorgeous one-year-old son, Toby. But by discovering her SPRING season and ROMANTIC NATURAL clothing personality it transformed her life as a new mum…

Make new mum life easy with colour analysis

How did you hear about House of Colour and what made you decide to get your colours done with us?

I heard about House of Colour from a friend of mine who had her colours done. If I’m honest, I was quite sceptical, but I’m all for learning more things about myself and thought I would treat myself. I heard House of Colour was the best out there, and was so pleased I decided to do it with you!

What is the difference between getting dressed before and after your consultation as a new mum?

Although I like to look glam when I’m going out, most of the time I’d say I am pretty low maintenance, so for me, the best thing since being a mum is the timesaving and ease of picking an outfit. Most of my wardrobe is all within my spring palette, and generally all go together, meaning it’s so quick and easy. I also find putting a quick 5-minute make-up on, topped with a House of Colour lipstick in my tones, makes me feel put together (even when I’m not!). When it comes to style, the concept of my clothing personality are still there – for example, how I wear my hair or adding jewellery.

Make new mum life easy with colour analysis
Make new mum life easy with colour analysis

What was the best, most transforming lesson you learned having your colours done?

In those early, sleep-deprived, often dark days reaching for a sweatshirt in one of my ‘wow’ colours really did make all the difference to how I felt internally. Knowing your colours empowers you, increases your confidence, and makes me proud to be me!

Why would you recommend House of Colour to new mums wanting their colours and style done?

Whilst there is an initial cost to getting the analysis, the benefits are lifelong. And particularly with the cost-of-living crisis and rising childcare costs, I’ve found I have saved such a huge amount of money by knowing what suits me and therefore not wasting money trying to buy more clothes to dress my changed body.

Make new mum life easy with colour analysis

Booking a colour analysis is simple. Click to find a consultant near you, book in and get ready to find your WOW colours!