Keeping stylish during the Greek Summer

Posted by: Magda Kazoli, July 30, 2023

Keeping stylish during the Greek Summer

Ahh Greece in the summer! For anyone lucky enough to have experienced my country during the months of July and August, I feel certain you would agree that our summers are a little on the hot side (sometimes… melting!), but they have the air of a continuous celebration of life, food, sea, good times and of course our golden friend with its hat on, the sun!

The alluring magic of the Greek summer is due to its unique light that has enchanted endless number of artists, photographers and writers. As Arthur Miller wrote in his famous “The Colossus of Maroussi” – “In the dazing sunlight, a detail stands out in hair-raising exactitude such as one sees in the paintings of the very great or insane. Everything is delineated, sculptured, etched. You see everything in its uniqueness…Whatever you look at, you see as if for the first time.” 

Based in Athens and working in Athens downtown, I spend quite a lot of the summer time in the city. For us Athenians it’s a daily quest to find ways of staying cool, feeling fresh and hopefully never compromising on looking stylish.

Feminine, lightweight and long flowy dresses, flattering my body shape and expressing my personality are my go-to choice for the hot, sunny summer days.  Not only are they stylish and comfortable, they are also versatile to wear at any time of the day. Dressed up or down for a city look with the appropriate accessories and perfect when packing light for a small escape.

My choice of colours? The possibilities are endless and I love all my Cool, Clear, Bright, Vivid & Icy colours. However, this time of year I am particularly drawn to many shades of blue, a colour forever associated with the crystal Aegean waters; and of course my bright reds and pinks that make me happy and lift my spirits, like strolling on an island and feeling the summer breeze on a cobbled lane lined with bougainvilleas…

During day-time light neutrals and icy colours are a much better choice than black and other dark colours that attract the sunlight and can feel dauntingly hot. Anything dark is much more comfortable to wear after the sun sets.

Last but not least, my all-time favourite crispy white, reflecting the purity of the Athenian light and reminding me of small white houses in fishing villages, is the backbone of my summer wardrobe paired with accents of colour, lipstick and proper accessories for my personal style, to add high contrast and interest to my outfit.

Top tip advice for keeping stylish during hot days... Always invest in natural fibres, -they are breathabe, fresh and breezy-, experiment with the lightest colours of your seasonal palette (especially during the day) and uplift your spirits by adding a little spice true to your unique personal style.