How you Feel is how you Feel

Posted by: Sian Davies, January 14, 2024

How you Feel is how you Feel

It’s Blue Monday but the only thing blue about my Monday is my jumper and the sky! For many though the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year. I get it, the post-Christmas blues are real … you feel is how you feel….but what can we do to feel better?

This last year has more than proved to me that looking your best has a positive impact on your self-esteem and helps you feel good about yourself. As many of you know I was hugely positive during my cancer treatment but once it was all over, and I wasn’t feeling better, my positivity left me. I had visualised the end of treatment for so long, imagining leaping over the finishing line with joy and relief. The reality was I flopped over the line in exhaustion. All became clear when my blood test showed my thyroid level was on the floor!

That diagnosis felt devastating I even said to my sister that it felt worse than being told I had cancer. My sister said ‘Don’t be so ridiculous’ She was right of course thyroid levels can easily be rebalanced by taking thyroxine, it takes time but is a common, easily treatable condition but I couldn’t see that …how you feel is how you feel! After all the cancer treatment I had had it, my resilience had gone. 

I see this in my clients sometimes. Beautiful women bashed about by life who don’t have a good word to say about their looks, their style, or their wardrobe! They feel stuck in a hole unable to see the positive. My consultation becomes an asset-finding mission to find their best features and colours. Style is about making the most of your good bits and disguising areas of your body you are less happy with. It’s about wearing clothes that you love, that express your personality and you feel good. Flattering colours just add to the mix and make you shine! 

I am a firm believer that if you look good you feel good or at least better. Making the best of yourself is a first step in self-care and certainly keeps the spirits up. When the compliments follow, you feel good and self-esteem and positivity grow. Onwards and upwards! 

So 2024 is a new start for me. To be honest I am apprehensive as I step back on the treadmill of life but excited too. I can’t wait to welcome clients back to my studio. I need to get my fitness back so I am walking daily and today I start back at the gym. I need to get my hair long enough to get back into a style. Throughout it all I will be wearing clothes and colours I love. I need to get on with living...  

It might be Blue Monday but the sun is shining, 2023 is over, bring on the New Year!!