How to get higher education ready with House of Colour

Posted by: House of Colour, August 17, 2023

One of the biggest changes in a young adolescent's life is moving out of their childhood home to go to university or starting their career in the city. Although this can be a terrifying thought, a new adventure awaits.

At House of Colour, the jump can be made more thrilling as finding your right colours can help increase confidence levels and make yourself seem more approachable because it allows you to look the best that you can be. Finding the right colours for you helps to make your skin look more defined and clear while also brightening your face to make you look more awake for those early work starts!

Looking and feeling your best allows a young adult to walk into a crowded room, not to slide into the room. House of Colour can help young people build a tribe of a strong, independent person who is headstrong and are viewed as powerful in their own clothes.

How to get higher education ready with House of Colour

The rising culture of fast fashion in the 21st century can be prevented by knowing which style and colours are best for you because your colour palette mixes and matches and you can style items differently.

We can play our part in reducing environmental harm to the earth by investing in high-quality pieces that last a long time and suit us amazingly every time. Knowing what style is best suited to your body type and unique personality can improve connections to ourselves and build a positive body image on the inside and out, meaning we develop a range of clothing styles that we can confidently say we look fabulous in and feel fabulous!

Make-up also plays a role in House of Colour as your make-up routine can take as little as 90 seconds but still create a huge impact. You can learn what products you need to do a light face of make-up without spending lots of money on colours that do not suit your skin tone.

How to get higher education ready with House of Colour

A major struggle in moving to university, especially in the present day, is being financially stable while also being able to buy the clothing that you desire. Buying staple items of clothing such as a bold work suit or everyday classic jeans can reduce the price per wear of certain clothes. The best bit? Every colour in your wardrobe goes together, leaving extra money to be spent on social life!

To make identifying your right colours easier when shopping, House of Colour will give you your season fan to prevent you from buying clothes that do not suit your colour palette, which overall helps reduce the amount of money you spend on clothing.

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Words by Holly Bannister 

Image Credit by House of Colour Cassidy Hewitt, House of Colour Fort Wayne Erica and Holly Bannister