How to find your perfect coat with a HOC Stylist

Posted by: House of Colour, October 04, 2023

How to find your perfect coat with a HOC Stylist

As the days grow shorter and colder, there's one item in our wardrobe that becomes our trusty companion - the winter coat! It's more than just a piece of outerwear; it's a statement of style, protection against the elements, and a symbolic farewell to the carefree days of summer. 

Why is investing in a winter coat a smart decision that goes beyond mere fashion? Let House of Colour Sandy Lancaster tell you more... 

Your First and Last Impression:

Picture this - you walk into a room or meet someone on a walk, and the first thing people notice about your outfit is your winter coat. It's the garment that sets the tone for your overall appearance. Investing in a great winter coat ensures that you always make a memorable first and last impression.

How to find your perfect coat with a HOC Stylist

When looking for a winter, coat consider the four Cs: 


You want it to be a fabulous colour for you and your complexion. It needs to tone with the rest of your wardrobe and with you. Our winters are so long and dreary that we want to be lifted by the colour, even if one has to de-ice a windscreen or trudge through slush or leaves to catch the tube. 


Does the shape, length, collar and waist detailing (if any) flatter your body? You want to avoid anything that overwhelms you or makes you feel overbulked or shapeless. A cut that compliments your body becomes a staple that can be brought out year after year.


What is it made of? Does the fabric suit your lifestyle, is it for muddy walks with dogs or children, or does it need to be smart enough to wear formally for work? Does it need to be dry cleaned or can you machine wash it? Do you need something waterproof or warm or both for your life? Remembering the lighter the colour the more often it will need cleaning. 


If you've got the first 3 Cs right then are you happy to pay more for quality and hardiness? This coat won't last you just one winter, you'll come back to it year after year. Take into account that it's a staple for 5 or 6 months of the year. If you wear it 5 times a week from October through February...that's over 100 times in just one year. So always consider cost per wear. A coat costing £200 becomes £2 for wear. Wear it the following year as well and it's down to £1 per wear. Cost per wear is something I talked about in  The Telegraph  Money Section recently.

A Winter Coat CAN promise more than just warmth and protection from the elements. It can also serve to add a touch of YOUR personal style to your ensemble - and apply the same logic for winter boots, knits and anything else you're planning to add to your wardrobe this season. 

If you need help finding your perfect coat or creating your winter wardrobe, book a Style Analysis with your local consultant. They can help you learn your CLOTHING PERSONALITY and how to dress for YOU, help you clean out your closet, take you shopping or create exclusive MYHOCLOOKBOOK catalogues.

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