How to effortlessly wear ultra violet the colour of 2018

Posted by: Maria Macklin, January 12, 2018


The Pantone Colour Institute announced their colour of 2018 is the gorgeous Ultra Violet - Pantone 18 – 3838 but can we all wear this very futuristic colour?  Here's how to do it with style and make it work for you. 

 The colour purple has been associated with wealth and royalty for centuries.  There are a huge range of purples so everyone can find the right one for them. There are many exciting ways to bring it into our wardrobe. So don’t be shy and get out there with a colour that goes from punchy and dramatic to rich and regal. To be sure of finding the best version for you, colour analysis will give you the confidence to get it right every time. Each season will require slightly different tones of purple. Autumns and Winters will look gorgeous in ultra violet. For winters it is the sharp clear cool shades of Royal Purple and Lobelia. Autumns, particularly those at the cooler end of the palette, will also look good in Royal Purple and the softer hue of Heliotrope. But summers and springs need to take care! Springs should try a warmer, lighter Violet or Hyacinth and summers will look their best in Plum and Amethyst. 

1n 1881, Edouard Manet announced to his friends that he had finally discovered the true colour of the atmosphere. "It is violet," he said. "Fresh air is violet. three years from now, the whole world will work in violet."

The significance of purple as a royal colour or a status symbol goes back to ancient times. It was particularly difficult to produce and quickly became associated with wealth, power and royalty. In the late 1500s, Queen Elizabeth passed a strict dress code to protect the colour so that only the royal family could wear it. There is plenty of it around at the moment so here are some tips on how to wear it.

  1. A great way to wear violet or purple is with your nail colour or eye liner. The bruised look is not a good one so use a steady hand but brown eyes are always enhanced by violet liner.  For most of us less is more when it comes to violet and purple make up.
  2. Violet or purple are amazing colours to create a statement.  A pop of purple packs a punch so try a violet or purple bag paired with neutrals from your colour palette.‚Äč
  3. For maximum style points, team your outfit with flats, heel or boots in a violet or purple from your season’s palette to give an exciting pop of colour to your outfit. 
  4. Create a regal look with a scarf or necklace that combines violet or purple with some of the other accent colours from your colour palette to make you stand out from the crowd. 
  5. Dare to wear violet in head to toe or in colour block dress.  There are plenty of purple and violet coats in the shops right now and watch out for blouses, capri trousers and skirts making an appearance in THE colour of the year this spring or summer.