Have you been to a Kilo Sale?

Posted by: Sian Davies, November 01, 2023

Have you been to a Kilo Sale?

Have you ever been to a kilo sale? It’s like a jumble sale on steroids!

On the face of it why ever would a HOC stylist go? We are all about mindful shopping, making a considered purchase, buying once but well… not about stuffing as much as takes your fancy in a plastic bag and paying £20 per kilo for it!!

If you have never been to a kilo sale it is where they sell clothes by the kilo. Worth the Weight Vintage organised the one I went to. It is based on sustainable principles as a way of fighting fast fashion. I must say it was well organised. They go around the country taking 9 tonnes of stock along to each venue. The clothes are split into several categories - Denim, Sports, Ladies fashion, Men’s fashion, Outerwear, and accessories.

You are charged for entry and given a biodegradable bag then let loose on the 60+ rails of vintage stock. Once you've found what you like it's time to 'Weigh & Pay' You can test your haul and check you're staying on budget or head straight to the 'Pay Station' The rails were well stocked with good quality clothing. According to their website anything that doesn't make the grade is sent to their sewing studio to be repaired or freshened up in their laundry. Anything they can't use is sent to charitable causes. Nothing goes to waste.

Does it feel sustainable? On the one hand, these are second-hand clothes going to a new owner who may love them more, so yes. On another, it felt like a shopping frenzy where many attending were excitedly piling up their bags. I am sure they have out-of-control wardrobes of clothes that they don’t love and were just buying quantity….but at least these clothes were having a second wearing!

Why did I go? One to experience it, also as I am learning to sew, I now see clothes as a course of fabric …so a pretty vintage collar, a beautiful silk piece of fabric can be picked up for next to nothing when to buy new would be prohibitively expensive.

So, Sunday morning, with my son Chris, we headed to Cheltenham Ladies College with our early bird £3 tickets!! It wasn’t busy when I arrived, filled up fast 3/4hr later when we left. Loads of people choosing things, loading their bags, and once they had had enough, they weighed their bags £20 per kilo. If there was a heavy item like a coat that could be charged separately at £20.

Chris found a jacket and a gorgeous dress waistcoat; I got a cute blouse with a lovely collar that I would definitely use. I bought some great fabric, a couple of Autumn things for Sophia to try, hats, one of which I have worn all week. In total 3 hats, 3 blouses, 2 tops, 7 scarves (simply addicted!) Chris’s jacket and waistcoat total spend £38!

Worth doing, a fun shop, but ideally you need to know your Colours and style to make good clothing choices…..which of course I hope everyone reading this does!