Have Clarity

Posted by: Maria Macklin, October 10, 2023

Have Clarity

“Clarity about what matters provides clarity about what does not”

In the same way, having clarity about what belongs in your wardrobe, provides clarity about what doesn’t.

Research by the psychologist Barry Schwartz in 2004 identified that too much choice can present more problems and create a higher level of anxiety for consumers than not enough choice - resulting in “Choice Paralysis”. Schwartz argued that eliminating consumer choice can greatly reduce anxiety for shoppers.

It was part of the reasoning behind Tesco reducing their product range by a third in 2015.  Tesco used to stock 28 brands of tomato ketchup whereas Aldi stocked one.

There’s never been more ‘noise’ in the world than there is now. We are suffering from too much choice and no informed filters. When we don’t know how to reduce the noise, how to understand what to buy and what not to buy, we suffer from Choice Paralysis.  

On average, consumers are buying 400% more clothing than they bought 20 years ago. All consumers suffer from Choice Paralysis unless they have a well-informed strategy for identifying the styles that suit them best. The result is overwhelm, indecision and over-consumption. We are buying more and wearing our clothes less.

Here are some common shopping mistakes:

Buying on a whim, to help you feel better

Buying because it’s a bargain

Buying in the hope you’ll have somewhere to wear it

Buying in the hope you’ll fit into it

Buying because it looked good on someone else

Buying because you don’t want to offend the helpful retail assistant

I’ve had access to lots of stuffed wardrobes through my work. I’ve seen wardrobes containing clothes worn once or not at all; wardrobes where the ratio to relevance doesn’t match; wardrobes containing clothes that don’t fit or don’t suit. 

When you have your Style Blueprint, you’ll know what to try and what to avoid. You’ll HAVE CLARITY. You can cut through the overwhelm, towards clear, focused and efficient shopping.

You’ll buy items in styles that suit you and express who you are

You’ll buy items that fit you

You’ll buy items that suit your lifestyle

You’ll be discerning about price and value

You’ll not repeat buy

You’ll create lots of outfits with less items

Clothes retailers are not going to change their retail strategy in the near future.  It is the consumer who needs to be educated to understand which are their best clothing styles. Your consultations will get you there.