Get Creative

Posted by: Maria Macklin, May 01, 2024

Get Creative

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”

You now have the tools you need in your wardrobe. You have clarity and are confident with the styles of clothes that make you look and feel amazing and you’re consistently showing up for you.

As you develop and evolve your style, you can nudge yourself to be more creative without feeling self-conscious or feeling overdressed. Your colours are blending harmoniously, your style is expressing your personality, your wardrobe is purposeful, joyful and functional.

Getting more creative with your outfits is the next step. There's no need to buy anything new. Here are some tips to help you using the clothes you already own.

  • Choose a neutral bottom and see how many tops you can put with it. Add jackets when and where you can. Don’t forget your points of interest, your accessories.
  • Do the same with a neutral top. Use it as your starting point and create as many outfit combinations as you can.
  • Step into something that feels a little more outrageous for you, while still in keeping with your style blueprint (your clothing personality).
  • Study your *Seasonal Style Guide and add one hero item, that you don’t already possess, to your wardrobe. (*The Seasonal Style Guide is produced twice a year by House of Colour - your guide to the trends in the shops. Contact me for yours.)
  • Feeling slightly deflated and dull? Deliberately choose something in one of your impact colours (eg, red, orange, pink, purple), as your outfit starting point, and use that to elevate your look. It could be a small pop in an accessory, belt or shoes.
  • Ask your consultant to create outfits for you using MyHoCLookBook. There’s nothing like getting a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective to your clothes.

When you get a little experimental,  you’ll increase your clarity, get more confident while retaining your consistency. It’s a never-ending cycle and one which is fun and sustainable. The more you nudge yourself the more creative and comfortable you’ll become with your personal style.