Dressing lockdown lumps

Posted by: Jane Brook, May 16, 2020



At the start of lockdown, I thought I would nail my diet and exercise and emerge as a fitter, slimmer me. Hmmm that has not happened! I am possibly fitter thanks to Couch to 5k but I am most definitely not slimmer.


If, like me, lockdown lumps have hit your body then I have put together a few ideas to get through without resorting to buying a whole new wardrobe in a bigger size. We are going to lose this right?!


So first of all – go through your wardrobe – see what you do have, you may be surprised. Sort it out into clothes that fit you at the moment, a mini capsule wardrobe if you like.


If you need to add anything:


Look for jersey clothes - these have more give and will flex up and down with you. I recently bought this one from Boden.


Use colour to highlight your best features – Winters leave the black alone, use some vibrancy.


Go for open items – eg open cardis but do make sure these fit your style – no swamping allowed! 


Pick one size fits all garments such as ponchos or wraps.


Proper wrap dresses (not the faux wrap style) will go in and out as you do.


Don’t think about the size in the label, that varies from shop to shop


Monochrome or using lines of solid colour will give the illusion of being slimmer, or try colour blocking.

Duster coats are great if your proportions allow.


Use make up to slim your face, contour or use bronzer.


Think of your shoes, wearing nude shoes lengthens the leg as does a lower vamp and a pointy toe (if that suits you)


Remember don’t clutter your shortest areas – not sure what these are, book in for style!

Define your waist with a belt – wearing baggy clothes can often make you look and feel bigger than you are.


Finally use accessories – paint your nails, add a bag, bright shoes and obviously lippy!!!