Holiday Wardrobe for Judith

Posted by: Sian Davies, March 26, 2024

Judith asked for my help… She has a 3-week holiday coming up and wasn’t sure if she needed to buy more clothes. She is going on several plane journeys, a stopover in Singapore, a week in warm Sidney with a wedding to go to followed by a week of sightseeing. Then 2 weeks in much cooler New Zealand sightseeing needing more casual layers. She has one suitcase and wants to room to take things out for her daughter!!

We need a thought through CAPSULE WARDROBE!

Fortunately, the hard work of sorting the wardrobe has already been done as Judith knows her Colours and Style. Her clothes mix and match, the Autumn colours coordinate beautifully, and her Natural Gamine Style means there is a theme to her clothes, and they complement each other. Our biggest problem was that Judith likes so many of her outfits she wants to take them all!

Before I arrived, Judith had gathered all the potentials together. We arranged them on the bed to check colour harmony … the cat tried to get in on the act here, he’s a perfect Autumn colour!

We then worked through outfit by outfit what works with what. Judith tried things on, we decided on accessories, and I encouraged her to get braver with her colour combinations.

Successful outfits will be added to her LookBook as a reminder.

Judith needs comfy travel wear for 4 plane days, 1 wedding outfit, 6 ‘warm sightseeing outfits’ days with a possible evening out looks. The 14 days in New Zealand will be more casual outfits with layers for warmth. Having worked out lots of combinations using our favourite items Judith can pick enough outfits to cover the days/ climate/ activities she will be doing.

And just to prove it would all fit in the suitcase we did a trial run on the packing…. Everything rolled up into 3 ‘sausages’ and fitted neatly into one side of the suitcase. So, plenty of space. No need to buy new. It took us 1 hr 35 minutes. The stress of packing gone.

Judith said…

‘I was panicking about how to manage my clothes for two very different parts of a holiday but by Sian reminding me of colour and style, trying on outfits to see how every item of clothing can mix and match and seeing the clothes folded into three neat ‘sausages’ in one half of case I was delighted!

I highly recommend this process even if you aren’t going on holiday!’

Thank you Sian x