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July 2019 News

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Let's talk about style today …

I've been going through some old albums looking for examples to show you how we can all "lose our identity" in life at certain times.
The first 3 photos show you how I looked in my early 30's when I seemed to get it right (ok so I'm wearing ice lemon in the 3rd which isn't great now but was probably ok as a younger woman) Not shown here but I wore big bold accessories then too - still have them. The second photo shows what was pretty much my uniform in those days, comfortable jersey but worn with a belt (which I still wear by the way - the belt!) and green converse boots. My dear mother was a winter too.










Then in my 40's, having my one and only precious child I completely lost my way (which I see in so many clients when they come to me for colour analysis) I started wearing Autumn colours and rather baggy clothes, and I suspect I became somewhat invisible. 




I'm now almost 70 (help - how did that happen?!) so here are some recent pics taken over the last month. Although I did my personal style day 20 years ago, to be perfectly honest with you, I feel happier with my wardrobe now than I ever have. 

I think throughout our lives we go through so many different experiences and therefore our purchasing ability seems to vary too. Knowing and understanding the Clothing Personalities we are given on a Style day gives us permission to be ourselves and therefore to look and feel exactly how we want to be perceived.

I must admit that I play around with the Dramatic side of mine (Dramatic Natural) and especially in the summertime tend to be more "Natural" these days. 

But that's fine because I know how to add accessories to give me authority or Drama - if that's what you like to call it!

The Personal Style is one that helps to dot the "i's" and cross the "t's" ....... and makes shopping even easier than you might have found it after your colour day. As for dressing in the mornings or for special occasions - well, if everything in your wardrobe compliments YOU then it will all look great together.

Thanks for sharing your style story Annabel.
Annabel Czyba is the consultant for Swindon. For more information about Annabel, please visit her webpage 

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