Amazing Audrey

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September 2015 News


Amazing Audrey

Here’s my story

I took the plunge and had my Colours analysed. I couldn’t believe I’d got to 40 and didn’t know what to have in my wardrobe!
The Spring Colours were scary, and I went off with one wonderful coral scarf that I loved!!
I gradually started getting used to more Spring Colours!!
Style Day was an eye opener! Another wardrobe clearout followed; So many clothes I had, that were the wrong length or cut!!  No matter.   More compliments followed on regular basis including ‘don’t you look slim’ (always a winner). 
Loving talking about Colour everyday
August – couldn’t be bothered with make up so booked in for Wake Up Your Make up.
Revelations – Eyes looked amazing, first compliment as soon as I got to work.
Now, doing makeup every day - very proud of myself!
I've gone from 80% black which I hated to 100% colour which I love... what a difference in me!