Ageing with Style

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July 2018 News

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Ageing with style from top to toe.

As we age it is sometimes hard to know how to keep looking our best.  Some of the things that used to work for us no longer look so good, but we are not sure what to do instead.  Here are some tips for ageing with style from top to toe.

Keep your crowning glorious…

We often worry what is the most flattering thing to do with our hair colour as we get older.  Should we have it coloured to resemble that of our youth, go a bit lighter maybe or just let it go grey? 

The best things to do will depend on our season. If you are a Summer or Winter, then you can look really good with grey hair, in its various forms, since these colours are part of your natural colour palette, with hair often ending up a beautiful silver or having a “salt and pepper effect”. Springs and autumns are usually better retaining a little warmth in their hair.  Sometimes this happens naturally, with hair hanging onto some of its former colour.  If it doesn’t happen naturally, then some soft highlights or a hair colour slightly softer than your original colour will give you the extra warmth you need. Ultimately the decision whether to go grey is a personal one, knowing your season and the best options for you will help you make that choice. For more inspiration, read Sian’s Story – my decision to go grey and Fiona’s blog  on “How to Rock Silver Hair and Look Gorgeous”.

Raise your glasses…

There is nothing more ageing than dated looking glasses.  They are in the middle of your face, so it is really obvious to everyone you meet.  Choosing a frame that works for your face shape, personality and in one of your wow colours will mean that you will look stylish.  It is still worth keeping an eye (sorry) on the latest trends though, to make sure you don’t end up looking frumpy.  See this vlog from our MD Helen Venables on choosing perfect glasses

Contrast is key…

When we’re younger we tend to have clearer brighter complexions, redder lips and pinker cheeks.  We also have more definite colour in our hair and eyebrows.  This gives a younger face, lots of contrast.  As we age we begin to lose this contrast; skin can darken a little, lips and cheeks look paler and hair and eyebrows get lighter or go grey.  In fact, research has shown* that the contrast we have on our faces is one of the ways we naturally estimate someone’s age.  The more contrast, the younger a person looks.

Wearing your right colours will clear and brighten your skin, bring back a healthy glow to your face and minimise any signs of ageing (yes wrinkles) as well as make your eyes sparkle.  This has the effect of increasing the contrast on your face and helps us to naturally look a little younger.

But there is even more you can do.  Wearing make-up in your best colours will also add to this contrast.  A perfectly matched foundation will even out your skin tone and a blusher in your season will give you a healthy rosy glow.  Add a lipstick in one of your “wow” colours and you are well on your way to a much more youthful appearance.

Making up is hard to do……

Another way to make sure we are looking our best as we age is to make sure we understand the best way to do our make up in line with any changes to our faces.  Eyes can become more hooded or look a little droopy.  Knowing what to accentuate and what to minimize by a clever use of shading with eye shadows can be the key.  Everyone is different, so expert help is advised - your consultant can help you with this.

It’s not just our eyes though!  Our lips change too, they become less plump and fine lines mean our lipstick has a habit of wandering where it is not wanted.  Try putting a thin layer of foundation or concealer over the whole lip area before you outline your lips and fill them in completely with your lip liner.  Add your lipstick (two coats, blotted in between) in a fabulous colour from your season and you will find it stays put for longer.  By the way, no lipstick will stay put if you eat any sort of oily food.  The oil will “split” the lipstick and make it spread, so if you want your lipstick to “behave”, avoid the chips and salad dressings or even better, make sure you have your lipstick with you for a top up (blot the oil off first).

For another tip, try mixing a little of our new Illuminator into your liquid foundation or BB cream or blend a little onto your skin before covering with your Dual Compact Foundation – it will add a bright freshness complexion.

Get it in proportion…

So, your body shape has changed a bit since your 20s!   Understanding your body shape and proportions and how to use colour, clothing lengths and cuts to make the most of what you have got will help enormously.

Start with a bra fitting - most of us are in the wrong size.  Putting all your “bits” in the right place instantly improves your proportions by stopping you looking droopy balancing your hips and bringing back your waist.  It also makes for a much better framework for your clothes. You can also try using a darker neutral from you palette on areas of your body you like least and a bolder colour on the bits you are more proud of.  Use your favourite accessories strategically to draw the eye to your “assets” (and away from the other areas) and you are making a huge difference to your overall look and how you feel about yourself. Your accessories are also a great way to keep your individuality, show your creativity and ultimately still feel like you are being you, whatever your age.

Dress your style, not your age…

Beinging authentic, visible and stylish does not need to stop as you get older.  Your personal style will work for you whatever age you are.  Don’t be solely tempted into the shops you think are aimed at your age group -  you will find things that work for your clothing personality right across the high street stores and boutiques.  The only thing worse than “mutton dressed as lamb” is “mutton dressed as mutton!”  There is no need to go there.

Dress up, not down…

Our feet can change a lot as we age and we are also less likely to put up with sore feet to complete a look.  It can be tempting to just go for comfort rather than style and then we tend towards making our clothes match our comfortable shoes, or in other words; dressing down to our shoes!  This is not a great idea if you want to look stylish and younger.  You may not be able to get into the shoes of your choice, but it is worth investigating wider-fit styles, lower heels and wedges or adding shoe clips to make them more in keeping with your style so there is no need to go anywhere near  the “granny lace-ups”.  By all means wear comfortable shoes, but try not to make them look it.

If your feet really can’t take it, buy your shoes in a neutral from your colour palette and draw the eye elsewhere with bolder colour and accessories.  In other words; if you can’t do your perfect style on your feet, do the rest really well to compensate!  This may mean wearing more trousers than skirts and dresses but make them a fabulous pair of trousers, in a great colour and cut and wear them with gorgeous tops, blouses and knitwear and with beautiful jewellery and scarves that suit your personality.

Ageing gracefully can be great fun, you just need to know the tips and tricks - contact your consultant for help with:

Colour, personal styling (including body shape and proportions) make up, bra fittings, personal shopping for (clothes, accessories and glasses) and how to  accessorise.