Tips and Ideas for adding colour into your autumn wardrobe

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October 2020 News


It’s hard to believe September is upon us already. We’re now shifting from warmer weather to cooler, crisper months, with school runs and returns to the office happening all over the UK.  

Emma WillisA shift in weather means certain wardrobe changes too, with flip-flops and shorts banished to the depths of our wardrobes and boots and long sleeves making an appearance once again.  

Colour also undergoes a change, with colder weather typically signalling an exodus of bright, bold hues and the entrance of deeper, warmer tones to reflect duskier mornings and evenings.

Nevertheless, the end of summer doesn’t necessarily mean the end of colourful outfits. We’ve put together some thoughts and ideas below on how you can add colour into your autumn wardrobe this year.

For colour novices: aim for subtle hues first

We don’t expect every one of our clients to be comfortable with colour from the off-set, especially if it’s not something they’re used to wearing. Many people feel daunted by the prospect of brighter colours – and this is true for celebrities too. 

Presenter Emma Willis, who has recently launched an autumn collection with Next, previously stated she was always a little afraid of wearing bolder pieces and tended to favour neutral tones over bright colours.

If that’s the case for you, we’d recommend starting off by introducing subtle pops of colour and patterns into your wardrobe instead of block colours immediately. This will help you gradually gain more confidence and become comfortable with colour as a concept.  

For example, paisley prints and pops of pastel pink on plain tops and shirts are a great way of transitioning to those bolder, more ‘daring’ pieces. Our stylists can help you identify which colours to go for.

Be bold on your return to the office

Many of us working from home have practically lived in our pyjamas for the past six months. Now, with returns to the office looming, we’ll want to update our autumn wardrobes with stylish, professional pieces.

Work wardrobes don’t have to be boring and colour-less; on the contrary, you can still look smart with a pop of colour.

Swap your black and white shirts for lighter, eye-catching azure blues that complement other autumnal hues such as rich reds, browns and mustards.

Alternatively, lighten up your suits and go for pastels and beiges to maintain that work-appropriate feel. Camel is perfect if you’re not so comfortable with brighter colours, while dusty pink is a great choice if you’re looking to make an entrance. Suits with a relaxed fit will also keep you comfortable while you dash from meetings to other commitments.

Dress up for evenings out

This year, we haven’t been able to spend as many evenings with friends or colleagues as we may have liked. 

Now, with things slowly moving forward, you might find your autumn calendar slowly starting to fill up with social invites. So, why not spruce up your eveningwear with a dash of colour to mark these special occasions?

Paisley prints evoke an autumnal vibe and are understated and classy. With browns and blues mingling together like in the Emma Willis paisley print dress, this design ensures there’s still a splash of colour added to your outfit.

Jumpsuits are also a comfortable and flattering choice for autumn, and therefore a great when it comes to deciding on evening attire.

Choosing a block colour gives you the freedom to jazz up the rest of your outfit (e.g. jacket, jewellery and shoes) with other colours that match the palette. This azure blue jumpsuit from the Emma Willis Collection is the perfect transitional day-to-night piece and the short sleeves make it autumn-friendly too.


If you’re looking for more colour inspiration, have a browse of House Of Colour’s other articles for further tips on wearing colour and updating your wardrobe.