5 Ways to update your look

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September 2016 News

update your look

5 ways to update your look

Do you fancy updating your look? The new autumn and winter collections are coming into the shops so it’s a good time to make some changes.

  1. Spot the trends that work for you.

To help, we’ve pulled out five key looks. See what you think:

  • Global traveller mixes and layers the best styles, textures and luxurious patterns from around the world.  Create offbeat pairings using military influences, faux fur, clashing patterns, traditional craftsmanship and collectable jewellery. 
  • Historical romanticism borrows heavily from the past with lots of ruffles, lavish embroideries and opulent fabrics – velvet, lace, sheer silks and faux fur. It’s perfect for the party season.   
  • Shake it up is flamboyant, angular and dramatic. Think Ziggy Stardust, 80s glam and the Studio 54 disco scene. 
  • The purist is all about classic sculptured shapes, understated elegance and muted neutrals. Soft, luxurious fabrics skim the body, with emphasis on the elongated silhouette and defined waist.  
  • Young sailors are classic pieces with a nautical influence -  little jackets with sailor collars, high-waisted trousers paired with chunkier knits, toggles, Breton stripes, A line skirts and dresses.

If you’re drawn to some – but can’t relate to some of the others – that’s down to your clothing personality. If you’re not sure what that means, or how to apply the latest looks to your personality, your local stylist is always on hand for some expert advice. Get in touch for the details.

  1. Do it with accessories

You don’t need to go head to toe. A bag, scarf or a pair of shoes can latch onto a new trend without blowing the budget.    

In fact, sometimes you can update without spending any money at all? Just wear what you have in a new way. If the global traveller is your thing, pick out a couple of your scarves in clashing patterns and wind them together. Most of us have items of jewellery we have picked up on our travels, now maybe the time to wear them again.

  1. Change your hairstyle

It’s easy to get into a habit with our hairstyles – and our hair colour. But even a small change can tap into one of the season’s new trends.

If you’re comfortable with it, there’s a growing trend for ditching the dye and embracing grey hair. It’s not for everyone. Winters and summers will suit the coolness of grey, whereas autumns and springs may need something warmer. 

  1. Wake up your make-up

There are 3 easy ways to keep on trend with your make-up…

  • Lips – The focus is on the lips, while the face is kept neutral.  Winters and summers will love the deep berry shades. Deep chestnut and bronze will suit autumns. Classic red is everywhere this season, with multiple finishes from matt to high shine.
  • Eyes – There are lots of smoky eyes around. Autumns and springs will go for dark browns, winters and summers will want the greys. There’s also a pop of colour – blue, green and metallic shades. Check out our retractable eye pencils for creating that look.
  • Face –  Rather than contouring, it’s fresh and light with a natural luminosity and satiny softness. On the cheeks, there’s a hint of pink for summers and winters. For springs and autumns it’s coral.

For some expert help with the latest make-up trends, why not check out our wake up your make-up classes.  

  1. Get re-rated

Your season never changes, but you may not realise that your double star colours can shift within your season as you get older. They’re the colours that turn heads and get you the best compliments, so a re-rate is a great way to refresh your look and boost your confidence. We recommend a colour re-rate every 7 years, so if you’re a bit overdue, get in touch with your stylist.