Class Dates

COLOUR ANALYSIS CLASSES  £115  per person 

Classes usually run from 10.00am - 3.00pm depending on the number of clients in the class.  Discover the colours that work best with your natural colouring.  Lunch and refreshments included, plus you go home with your workbook and beautiful leather wallet containing swatches of the colours in your season.

Dates for Colour Analysis or Personal Style Classes:

January 2015

Thurs 29 full
Sat 31 full


Wed 4
Sat 7 - one space for Style Class
Thurs 12
Sat 14 - one spsace for Colour Class
Wed 18


Wed 4 - full
Sat 7
Wed 11
Wed 25
Sat 28

I can be flexible on days/dates so please contact me if you have a particular day or date in mind.  Further dates are available from April 2015, please contact me for details.

Also Available:




SHOPPING TRIP  £50 per hour

CHILDREN'S COLOUR CLASS £45 each (excludes colour wallet)

Please e-mail or call for dates and availability





Name: Maggie Robson
Location: Chislehurst/Bromley/Beckenham/Orpington
Email: maggie.robson@houseofcolour.co.uk

Telephone: 020 8249 3843 / 07944 751840 Map

My name is Maggie and I am the Colour and Style Consultant for Chislehurst, Beckenham, Bromley and Orpington in Kent.


I was introduced to House of Colour after witnessing the positive change a Consultant had made to a friend who, after having her colours analysed, was given the confidence to come through a difficult period in her life.  After completing the colour analysis class myself, out went the black to be replaced by the muted, softer tones from the Autumn palette and my style as a Natural Classic emerged after my Style Day.

My background in marketing, public relations and dealing with clients has shown me that first impressions are key and I am passionate that the right colour choices can make all the difference.  I have always been interested in fashion and House of Colour has enabled me to combine my passion with the enjoyment of helping clients discover the colours that make them look great for any occasion.

You may be a business woman looking to add a sophisticated palette range to a working wardrobe, a hectic mum needing a little 'me' time and confidence boost, perhaps you are undergoing a lifestyle change, such as a recent graduate moving into the world of work or you might be getting back into a career after a break or planning a special occasion or celebration and would like help putting together a new, brighter look.

My studio is based in Chislehurst and when you leave you will be ready to streamline your wardrobe with confidence.  Imagine how lovely it is to walk into a shop and know what is perfect for you, the right choices mean you will save time, energy and money when shopping by choosing what looks great on you.

Please contact me to find out how I can help.


'I came away from the day very positive and inspired.  I could see that by moving to better shades within my favourite colours I looked fresher and brighter.  Maggie also showed me some new colours, outside my normal comfort zone, that I would find flattering.  The helpful colour wallet has been a great guide to spring cleaning my wardrobe. Best of all I had a fun day.'    Sue

'The professional yet comforting way that Maggie was able to show me how colour could really make a difference to the way I saw myself was not only amazing but, as it turns out, quite life changing.  Using the right coloured drapes my complexion seemed clearer and my eyes more vibrant and I really liked what I saw.  It has taken a while but I am now the proud owner of a colourful wardrobe in a wonderful variety of autumn shades.'   Judy

'Thank you for the fantastic consultation. We really enjoyed ourselves and I found it very interesting and helpful. I think we will both be trying out some new colours next time we go shopping and I loved the result of the makeup.  I will get in touch next time I need some makeup, it would be much easier to go through you than struggling with colours in the shop!

I will recommend you to anyone in need of a birthday gift or just anyone who's interested as it's a really good idea. I'm very pleased we had the consultation :)
Many thanks.'  Harriet

'Thank you for the day Mary and I spent with you.  We both really enjoyed the experience and learnt so much.  Taking on board what you advised, I exchanged my smart black dress for a blue dress with sheen!  It was a great hit when I wore it to my 70th birthday party.  I had many compliments and spread the news of your excellent class.  

I have also unearthed my gold jewellery, discovering many beautiful and treasured pieces, bringing back many happy memories.  I am enjoying using it again. We are both wearing our lipstick and enjoying a new attitude to buying our clothes.  Many thanks for a great day from both of us.  Best wishes.'  Hilary and Mary


Maggie Robson Personal Colour and Style Consultant -  Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst and Orpington, Kent