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Color analysis classes are available  11a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Bring a friend or ask me to include you with another small group.  Ideal class size is 2-3 people. Time commitment approximately 3 hours.
Not just for ladies, color analysis is valuable knowledge for anyone who gets dressed in the morning.  Ask me about men's classes and/or couples classes.

Cost:  $170.00.  Includes leather wallet of your personal color swatches and a workbook detailing tips on working color combinations with your wardrobe and your make up colors.

In this uplifting and revealing session you will discover the particular blend of colors that will be in closest harmony with your skin, eye color and hair tones. This class will fill you with a renewed sense of excitement and self confidence.  You will discover a whole range of colors that flatter and that will work together to make a fantastic easy wear wardrobe.

Name: Maggie Ricardo
Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
Email: maggie.ricardo@houseofcolour.com

Telephone: 781 264 6206
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Hello.  My name is Maggie Ricardo and I am the House Of Colour consultant for Charlotte, N.C. I welcome clients at my studio for color analysis classes.

My training in proven methods in color theory with the internationally acclaimed House Of Colour enables me to discover the colors that best suit you.  You will be amazed at how energizing and inspiring this experience can be.

Most of us have experienced frustration with a closet full of clothes and "nothing to wear". Once we are confident of our most flattering colors, it is refreshing to weed out clothing that doesn't make us look our best.  One of the most rewarding gifts of this knowledge is savings of time and money.  Trying to make the wrong clothes work, buying clothing items that sit in the closet or that you wear but don't feel quite right for you is a real drain in many ways.

Did you know:

The colors you wear affect the color of your eyes?

Your natural undertone coloring determines the shades of make up you look good in?

Your natural coloring directs the tones and shades that make your hair look amazing?

Wearing the wrong color can make you look 10 yrs older?

Wearing  the right color can make you look more dynamic ?

Wearing the wrong color can make you look stressed and ill?
Wearing the right color can make you look slimmer?

People don't know why you look amazing when you wear the right colors but they do notice!

Everyone has a unique skin tone and eye color which means some colors make you look great, some have completely the opposite effect.  There's never been a better time to discover for yourself which colors are the best ones for you.
Yvonne - Weymouth, MA
"I recently started a new job and wanted to freshen up my look so I had my colors done at House of Colour by Maggie Ricardo. I was amazed to see the difference a palette of color could have on my appearance. I literally looked younger and more vibrant with some colors and tired and washed out with others. Maggie took great care to walk me through the process of 'finding my colors' so I felt 100% sure that I was choosing the right color spectrum.
I feel so much more confident buying clothes now and it is a more efficient process too because I know what colors to look for.
Thanks Maggie!"
Carmel - Pembroke, MA
"I always had trouble deciding what colors to wear, I would usually pick black or a color that was too bright for me. I recently got my colors done and was shocked at how certain colors made my eyes look brighter and cheeks pink without make-up.
I have a gala to go to this weekend and I am so excited to find the right dress that is going to compliment my skin tone. I won't be wearing black, I have my color wallet and I am looking for brown, moss green or royal purple since those are my outstanding colors. Thanks, Maggie I had so much fun discovering my colors, make-up and jewelry. I am looking forward to shopping now, it will be so much easier weeding out colors that don't work for me. I highly recommend getting your colour analysis done, it will change your life for the better, it did for me!"

           Britt- Charlotte, NC

           I had the most amazing color analysis with Maggie last weekend. I went in a little nervous that colors I loved and the gold jewelry I relish wouldn't be "right" for me but excited about finding colors that would bring out and highlight my best apperance. The experience was so comfortable and informative and I was amazed to see the difference in my own face as she draped colors that worked, and colors that didn't against my skin. The makeup tutorial was very helpful and I'm really enjoying my new lipstick, eye liner and the soft and luscious primer! The most meaningful part of this life-changing experience has been the self-confidence it has brought to my life. I feel more self-assured and dare I say, beautiful, when I wear clothing that I know are my best colors! Shopping is more fun and less overwhelming when shopping with my color wallet! I highly recommend this experience to anyone, it will not only help you dress and look your best, but just might give you added self-confidence that it has given me! 

Paula- Desert Island, Maine

 I had a remarkable experience this week at Maggie's home studio where I was expertly guided to great resources through House of Color. Maggie demonstrated how many colors within my Winter Color Pallet brightened my skin tone and focused my facial features, despite the fact I wasn't wearing any make up! I knew going into it I would have an new understanding of how color can improve my wardrobe and appearance but I was thrilled to also learn about and buy make up that worked within my color pallet. I bought many new and luxurious products which has helped streamline and refine my make up routine. I highly recommend Maggie's expertise and her warm and knowledgeable presentation. Her passion for House of Color is infectious!  

          Melanie- Folly Beach, SC

          The impetus for the consult was to reduce the amount of clothes I have and to add simplicity to my day(less stress in choosing an outfit or packing for travel). I find that this has been the case.  Since having my colors done it has streamlined purchases for me as well. I place value on how I look in the item as well as the color.

           It has made donating clothes easier, since having had my colors done, it affirmed that the "donate pile" was comprised of clothes that were not working in my favor, they were clothes that I did not wear much anyway. I enjoyed the experience.