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A warm welome to you from Carol Page, Colour and Personal Stylist - tailoring a personalised plan for you, to get you looking and feeling good. The individualised "Personal Plan" is based on your specific needs and requirements and includes ongoing advice and support in maintaining the "new" you in your work, rest and play!

My Background
A house move to a new area prompted me to have my Colour & Style done in 1998. It became a life changing experience and I have never looked back!
Having been in the caring profession all my career, I gained the confidence to apply for a job I previously would never have contemplated and was appointed as a Senior Manager in the NHS/Local Authority.
Several years later and a degree in Public Health/Health Promotion I decided to create a more satisfying worklife balance and retrained to become an Personal Stylist.
I am passionate about empowering women and men through Colour and Style to identify their unique qualities and features and achieve their maximum potential.

Here and ready to help you on this exciting journey, discovering and making the most of who you are.

Always Look Great- Learn how your best colours, shapes and styles make you look younger, slimmer, and fitter in casual and smart clothes.

Gain Confidence- Knowing that you will always look the part gives you renewed self-confidence, enhanced self-esteem and allows you to feel comfortable and secure.

Successful Shopping- Learn the secrets of developing a successful capsule wardrobe and shopping with confidence.

Save a Small Fortune- If you spend £1,000 to £2000 per year on your wardrobe, then over 10 years you’ll spend up to £20,000. It’s easy to make mistakes – expert colour and image analysis helps you make the right decisions and get great value for money.

Enhance Your Career- Maximise and enhance your career prospects. Win that important interview, gain promotion and improve your chances of a healthy pay rise.

Self Improvement - Learn new and exciting things about yourself and how to use colour, clothes and style to maximum effect in every aspect of your life.

Great Fun- A great way to have a fun day out with your friends.


I have been totally bowled over since my Colour Class with Carol discovering my best colours. So much so that my 3 other close friends have ALL now had it done (I raved about it so much) - and it turns out we’re all different seasons!!! and are meeting up next Friday to compare colour charts (and to see if there is any wardrobe exchanging that can be done!!). As someone who doesn’t clothes shop very often, you’d think it would make shopping even more difficult - but the opposite - I now know when is the best time to shop (when my colours are in trend/season) and can scan a shop floor in a second and know whether there is anything worth browsing. Perfect!! 


Milly Mills - Blue Spring

I really enjoyed my Colour Class with Carol and have already started getting compliments and it is amazing. All I have done, is wear my clothes in the right combination with the right lipstick on. 

Pallavi - Jewel Winter

What a lovely day I had with Carol on my Personal Style Day. It was so informative, I now have much more knowledge about clothes for my shape, budgeting and looking stylish. The hospitality was wonderful. I look forward to attending more classes with Carol. 

Teresa - Sweetpea Summer, Romantic Classic

I really enjoyed the Fashion Update evening and hearing from Carol about what was in style for me this Autumn/Winter, and having received a personal print out of the style that will best suit me gave me a good idea of what I was going to be focussing on. I particularly liked seeing Carol use examples of clothes to translate the message from the catwalk to the high street as I tried on clothing that took my fancy. 
This half term week I will be looking to accessorise my pencil skirt with a furry collar for work.  I will be using the helpful tips Carol gave me to inspire my casual wear by adding some more texture, layers and chunky jewellery to keep my look on trend as opposed to a boring teacher on half term holiday! 

Michelle - Summer, Natural Romantic

Thank you so much for my Shopping Trip I loved all the clothes you expertly guided me towards, and even went back for the Handbag! I felt as though I was shopping with a friend who was giving me kind, honest advice. I am having my hair styled and coloured tomorrow so am really sorting myself out! 

Jinny - Jewel Winter, Romantic Classic

Wake Up Your Make Up Not only did I collect a' pot of bliss' x 2 Primers, but walked away with a neat and cool Kettlewell top . I got so hot today, that I changed into it imediatley & I like it more & more! 

Jillian - Spring, Natural Ingenue