"Its never too late to be what you might have been".
George Eliot
Make up

Make-Up class and General FAQ's

About You

  • Do you have to be a certain age?
    • We tend to recommend the skin care and make up class for those women who are over 16! If you are under 16 and are interested in a make-up class, please contact your consultant for more information.
  • If I'm overweight can I still do this?
    • Yes! Wearing make up that enhances your natural assets is a great way of drawing attention to your eyes which are never affected by carrying too much weight and are always lovely on everyone!
  • Is make up really necessary?
    • Make up, chosen to suit your colouring and applied well will help accentuate and define your face clearly and naturally. Foundation evens out the skin tone thus reducing the appearance of redness, shadows and fine lines. Blusher naturally enhances your cheek bones when applied subtly. Eye make-up helps create definition to your eyes enabling them to appear larger and clearer. While lipstick enhances your eyes and facial features as well as being the critical finishing touches.
  • Why do I need to wear make-up?
    • You don't! However, wearing the right coloured make up for you and knowing how to apply it easily and effectively will help you to naturally enhance your looks so that people see you, not your clothes and they see you in your best light rather than you becoming invisible.

      It's a bit like a picture frame – your clothes and hair form the frame, your face is the picture which people look at first, thus you need to finish off the picture for people to create the best looking result and help people to see you. When you catch a glimpse of yourself looking good, you immediately feel better about yourself, the same happens when people give you complements!
  • I never wear make-up…
    • Some people choose not to on a daily basis and while we know it enhances your natural looks, helping to give a natural, healthy glow, it doesn't suit some people's lifestyles. For those occasions where you might choose to dress up and wear make-up, it is critical to your self confidence that you know you are wearing the right colours and applying it correctly.
  • Do I need to match my nail varnish to my lipstick?
    • In the days when people didn't understand the colour spectrums and how it relates to what we wear, matching nail varnish and lipstick was the way to create a finished (polished) look. In your Colour analysis class you will learn about your key points of red for your season. It is a good idea to tone your lipstick and nail varnish from a similar point of red, but not essential. Your clothing personality might require you to be more adventurous, or more cautious in your colour combinations! Have fun with it!
  • Do I really need lipstick?
    • In your colour analysis class you identified three key lipsticks to get you started. In your make up class you have the opportunity to explore and identify more colours now you've had time to get used to your seasonal palette.
      Lipstick is the finishing touch to any make up look.

About the consultation

  • How long will it last?
    • This is a 3-4 hour class and depending on your consultant, may be held in the morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Can I come for part of the course?
    • The class is a comprehensively designed program to lead you through the process in a logical order and ensure that you understand the information as comprehensively as possible. If you are unable to stay for the whole day, ask your consultant for other available dates to book to make sure you get full value from your investment.
  • What do I have to wear?
    • Something you feel comfortable in, probably with a lower neckline, i.e. no collar or polo neck, to enable you to apply skin care and make up more easily.
  • Will I be on my own?
    • Classes are open, thus you will meet other people such as yourself who have booked onto the same class. A class will have a maximum of 6 people.
  • What do I get to take away with me on the day?
    • Your class fee includes your Skin care and Make up Notebook which you will complete through the class with your personal skin care prescription and details on the colours and methods for applying makeup for your desired look.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me?
    • No you don't, however, if you wish to bring your key make up items, you will be able to identify what is in your colours and what gaps you need to fill to create your desired look.
  • How do I pay?
    • Please contact your consultant to find out what methods of payment they accept.
  • What happens if I book then can't come?
    • Bookings are taken in good faith and payment is required in full on booking to secure and reserve your place. Cancellations need to be made with your consultant 1 month prior to the class for a full refund. You are welcome to replace yourself on the class to avoid losing your consultation fee.
  • Can you come to me?
    • Due to the materials and tools we use in a consultation, classes are offered in our consultant's studios. For Corporate or group events, please contact your local consultant.
  • Why do you only hold classes in groups, not one to one?
    • Value from your class comes from your knowing what your results are, i.e. what your colours are and how to use them. Additional value is gained from the learning experience of the group dynamic, it is often easier to look more objectively at someone else than ourselves and thus understand how and why the system works.
  • Why do you only hold classes in groups, not one to one?
    • Value from your class comes from your knowing what your results are, i.e. what your colours are and how to use them. Additional value is gained from the learning experience of the group dynamic, it is often easier to look more objectively at someone else than ourselves and thus understand how and why the system works.
      Some people prefer the focused attention of a 1:1 learning experience in which case the Fast Track Style is for you.
      By offering you a class experience we are able to offer you increased value by reducing the cost of the service to you. You get approx. 3 hours with a professional colour analyst, expertly trained in the use and application of our exclusive skin care and make up range, in a small group.
  • Should I wear make-up?
    • This will probably depend on what time of day your class is and what your lifestyle has required prior to your arrival! The first part of the class is about skin care and preparing your skin for the subsequent make up application. Your consultant loves you to look and feel good but it is not a requirement for the class! So you can arrive with or without your make up.
  • Is this only for business women?
    • With the rigours of daily life, how we take care of our skin is really important and most people have never learnt how easy and quick it can be to take care of your skin and apply a natural make up look. Whether you wear make up every day, at work, in your own time or only on special occasions, demystifying the process to make it quick and simple is a bonus in any woman's life!

      Most people can see the need for this in a work environment, but the benefits are applicable to all the roles you play in your life.

  • Why should I bother at my age?
    • The link between how we look and how we feel is more obvious to some people than others but is not dependent on how old you are!
      The sooner you learn how to take care of your skin properly, the longer you may be able to offset the signs of aging.

      In addition, demystifying the process of make-up application and understanding how to move between understated, natural day and more glamorous evening looks easily.

      The challenges change as the years pass, the training and tools we use to help us get to the right result for you are just as effective.

      There are major financial savings in being able to select only the clothes that suit and fit you – regardless of how young or old you are, why would you want to waste any more time or money on things that are 'OK' when you can find things that are 'great'?

      Wearing the correct make up can be one of the simplest, cheapest and easiest ways to stay looking fresh as the years pass!

About the results!

  • Will my make-up information stay the same?
    • The information received in your skin care and make up class will remain relevant for the rest of your life because you learn the basic tools and techniques required for a natural look.

      You may wish to revisit your skin care prescription periodically or attend a wake-up-your-make-up class (LINK) to get some new ideas and ones that are in line with the current make up fashions.